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Porter Robinson - The FADER

Porter Robinson Conquered EDM, and Now He Wants More

One of dance music’s brightest young stars makes his songs more than just spectacle From the magazine: ISSUE 93, August/Sept 2014. Getting to The Strip from the Las Vegas airport requires a left turn, more … read more »

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Please Watch Lil B’s “No Black Person Is Ugly”

At the top of this week, I walked into work and played Lil B‘s hour-long NYU lecture in my headphones while answering emails, as I’ve often done since sitting in that storied hall and hearing … read more »

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Let the Auto-Tune Cry Once More with Zxkvl’s “No Apologies (Anything You Want)”

If my dreams of 2012, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16 came true and o F F Love and Future-in-his-prime hopped on the same track, it might sound like the baton handoff at one minute in to … read more »

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Celebrate Life Itself with Cuddle Formation’s Tribute to Sammy Yager, Coma Survivor

One year ago, head trauma from a bike accident sent Birthdays‘ Sammy Yager into a coma; today he’s walking and talking and and beginning to make music again :-). To celebrate his recovery, his friend … read more »

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Animal Collective Cover Time: Hear Holobody’s Poppy Take on “Fireworks”

FADER PREMIERE Couple months back, we brought you a covers comp by self-described “aspiring label” Odd Castles—it featured lots of office favs from the Orchid Tapes showcase circuit, bedroom-something-pop-something and beyond: Alex G, R.L. Kelly, … read more »

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lewis baloue romantic times

Lewis, Long-Lost Shirtless Genius of the ’80s, Made a Second Album, Romantic Times

Some catch-up, in case you’ve missed the Lewis fervor: In 1983, an unknown blonde Canadian using the name Lewis records an album of wispy synths and mumble-crooning called L’Amour. He puts it out on the … read more »

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Radio Disney Remix Heaven: Download Lil Angel Boi’s “Guilty”

Okayyyyyyyy… so… you might’ve heard of the 17-year-old pop singer Cody Simpson; he recently won the 2014 Kid’s Choice Award (regional Australian edition) for Favorite Aussie Homegrown Act, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars. … read more »

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erik hassle

Swedish R&B Singer Erik Hassle Channels Prince in “Pathetic” Video

FADER PREMIERE Stockholm singer/songwriter Erik Hassle spins the Miguel-and-Prince meter to high on “Pathetic,” with a growly bass line, lyrics that alternate between confidence and self-effacement, choice cuts of falsetto, curly locks propelled northward, leather … read more »

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i love makonnen dance

Daily Inspiration: This Dude Dancing to I Love Makonnen’s “Maneuvering”

No artist is brightening my summer more than Atlanta-via-LA’s I Love Makonnen, a singer and sort-of rapper whose sound and spirit embody equal parts Slick Rick, Lil B and Lana Del Rey. His I Love … read more »

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los angeles police department

Los Angeles Police Department Announces Debut LP with “She Came Through (Again)”

FADER PREMIERE I think of the endearingly double-takey band name Los Angeles Police Department as, like, whatever good the actual LAPD does is contained in a single musician named Ryan Pollie. Hot new announcement: his … read more »

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