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Duncan Cooper

Animal Collective Cover Time: Hear Holobody’s Poppy Take on “Fireworks”

FADER PREMIERE Couple months back, we brought you a covers comp by self-described “aspiring label” Odd Castles—it featured lots of office favs from the Orchid Tapes showcase circuit, bedroom-something-pop-something and beyond: Alex G, R.L. Kelly, … read more »

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lewis baloue romantic times

Lewis, Long-Lost Shirtless Genius of the ’80s, Made a Second Album, Romantic Times

Some catch-up, in case you’ve missed the Lewis fervor: In 1983, an unknown blonde Canadian using the name Lewis records an album of wispy synths and mumble-crooning called L’Amour. He puts it out on the … read more »

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Radio Disney Remix Heaven: Download Lil Angel Boi’s “Guilty”

Okayyyyyyyy… so… you might’ve heard of the 17-year-old pop singer Cody Simpson; he recently won the 2014 Kid’s Choice Award (regional Australian edition) for Favorite Aussie Homegrown Act, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars. … read more »

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erik hassle

Swedish R&B Singer Erik Hassle Channels Prince in “Pathetic” Video

FADER PREMIERE Stockholm singer/songwriter Erik Hassle spins the Miguel-and-Prince meter to high on “Pathetic,” with a growly bass line, lyrics that alternate between confidence and self-effacement, choice cuts of falsetto, curly locks propelled northward, leather … read more »

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i love makonnen dance

Daily Inspiration: This Dude Dancing to I Love Makonnen’s “Maneuvering”

No artist is brightening my summer more than Atlanta-via-LA’s I Love Makonnen, a singer and sort-of rapper whose sound and spirit embody equal parts Slick Rick, Lil B and Lana Del Rey. His I Love … read more »

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los angeles police department

Los Angeles Police Department Announces Debut LP with “She Came Through (Again)”

FADER PREMIERE I think of the endearingly double-takey band name Los Angeles Police Department as, like, whatever good the actual LAPD does is contained in a single musician named Ryan Pollie. Hot new announcement: his … read more »

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Another Country: A Freewheeling Hour with Sturgill Simpson

An extended interview with a modern outlaw Every other Thursday, in his new column Another Country, Duncan Cooper showcases country, folk and bluegrass music that’s so often unsung around these parts, with an emphasis on … read more »

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daniel bachman

Stream Guitarist Daniel Bachman’s Latest, Greatest LP, Orange Co. Serenade

FADER PREMIERE I’ve cited this interview before, but it’s just one of my favorites. Spoke to the newly North Carolina-based guitarist Daniel Bachman last year around the release of his album Jesus I’m a Sinner, … read more »

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What If The Streets Made J-Pop? Hear bo en & COR!S’ “I’ll Fall”

FADER PREMIERE bo en, when I’ve played his music for people, usually gives rise to a reaction like this: “WTF… No… OMG… Yasssssssssssssssss.” His style can be a bit jarring, but it’s so nuanced and … read more »

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Giraffage Remixes “Lionhearted” by Porter Robinson, Please Send Us Zoo Jokes

Oh man, there’s a great safari pun in here somewhere but I’m too Mondayed ouuutttt riiiiight nowwww—please send help. Giraffage remixed “Lionhearted,” probably the poppiest single from Porter Robinson’s album-of-the-year-in-the-making, Worlds. The original’s got some … read more »

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