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Passion Pit @ Troubador & Echoplex | LA

Both shows, one at the tiny Troubadour in West Hollywood, and the other at the more appropriately-sized Echoplex in LA, were sold out for the mere price of $15 each. Because of buzz and the hype, tickets were going for $45-$65 each on Craigslist. The local scalper is living large this week. read more »

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Was Jimi Hendrix Murdered?

It’s time for the weekly rumor. The type that cannot be confirmed nor denied because all parties involved are long since deceased. The type of rumor that will have people talking for the next three minutes, maybe resulting in an IM to a friend with the link and that one emoticon that looks like you’re saying “hmmmm.” read more »

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…And Cancels The Rest Of His European Tour

First it was the meltdown in front of thousands of people. Then came the apology, which was focused on the level of stress Nathan Williams has endured since starting to tour extensively in February. Now comes the solution (or one solution we should say). read more »

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Malajube – "Porté Disparu"

One of our favorite French Canadian exports dropped a new CD entitled Labyrinthes back in March. We’ve had the new Malajube record in our iTunes since, but find it creeping into our consciousness as a standout when we’ve got the player on shuffle. With a pleasant, if not instantly recognizable, demeanor, statements like, “Wait, who is this?” followed by, “This is pretty good.” are common whenever a track from Labyrinthes pops up. read more »

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Wavves Apologizes For Primavera Meltdown

As reported last Friday, Nathan Williams and drummer Ryan Ulsh stumbled their way through a cut-short Wavves set at the Primavera Sound Festival that included an intraband meltdown, shoe tossing, boos and passive aggressive audience taunting. Later that evening, Williams apologized via his Ghost Ramp, citing copious amounts of alcohol, sedatives and touring as the culprit. read more »

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Phil Spector Receives The Maximum Sentence

It was back in April that B>Phil Spector was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson after only 30 hours of jury deliberation. Now he’s been sentenced to the maximum 19 years to life. read more »


In Case You Missed It – The Tripwire Week In Review

Unfortunately, this week was dominated by the very sad news of Jay Bennett’s passing. So while we spoke to Maria Taylor, Ladytron, Mastodon, Landmine Marathon and Torche, and premiered the video for These United States’ “Honor Amongst Thieves”, this week our thoughts are on Jay and his family. Here is The Tripwire week in review. read more »


Ton Loc Collapses On Stage, Rushed To Hospital

During his performance, Tone did make several remarks about the humidity and the heat at the open-air club. Club officials wouldn’t comment on the situation. Though, according to one of the Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies working security at the show, it seems Tone has a history of seizures. read more »

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The Populist View – 05.28.09

Since we have a tendency to look below the radar for our music, we decided to take a weekly look at The Populist View. We’ll stop short of calling our tastes underground, let’s just say we’re pop-culturally inept. So we’ve devised a way to keep up to date. read more »

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Mew – "Introducing Palace Players"

The first single from Mew’s upcoming LP, No More Stories Are Told Today I’m Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories The World Is Grey I’m Tired Let’s Wash Away (still not as bad as Marnie Stern), “Introducing Palace Players” sees a bit more pop than the normally progressive and self-described pretentious art rock these Danes have given us in years past. read more »

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