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The Singles Collection – No Talk, Inmates, Smart Cops

We’re still a bit woozy from our Memorial Day celebrations here at the singles club, but rather than take it easy and talk about Captain & Tennille or Air Supply records, we’re diving head-first into a grip of blitzkrieg hardcore bangers. Since the tinnitus from last week’s list probably still hasn’t subsided, we figure that this week’s crew should either finish the job, or prove, once and for all, that you truly are one tough S.O.B. Onto the mayhem… read more »


The Singles Collection – Ancestors, Fresh Meat, Young Widows, Melt Banana

After a brief hiatus last week (we were, as Bill Murray says in Caddyshack, “Unavoidably Detained”) we’re back with a selection of decidedly anti-summer anthems. Now, we’re not anti-summer, far from it, but seems we’ve largely been rotting your teeth out with sugary pop confections for the past few months, so it’s time to get that tinnitus rattling around again, just in time for yr spangly Memorial Day festivities. Onward then, into the murk. read more »

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Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions

The third album from Baltimore’s Pulling Teeth, Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions is a kaleidoscopic conceptual journey that takes their modern slant on the hardcore idiom and refracts it through a distinctly Floydian lens. read more »

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Mind The Drift

Whereas Here Comes The Waterworks was the perfect distillation of their live performance energy on tape, Mind the Drift is the sound of a band in flux, confident, yet stumbling around in their new space, not quite sure what to do/make of all the new toys at their disposal. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Naked On The Vague, Nice Face, Timmy's Organism

Ok, after a few snags and some schedule wrangling, we’re finally ready with our latest all-Sacred Bones edition of The Singles Collection. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love this label, and true to their ever-stellar form, their latest batch of singles are all absolute must-owns, both from sonic and aesthetic points of view. Since you’ve undoubtedly heard us sing their praises in the past, let’s just get to this latest batch of killer tunes. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Francis Harold & The Holograms

This week, our never ending quest to find you the best new sounds takes us to the remote plains of Bisbee, Arizona, an old mining town that’s since blossomed as an unlikely artistic mecca deep in the desert. It’s here that pummeling death-punk quartet Francis Harold & the Holograms call home, which, given their penchant for ear-splitting noise and shredded songcraft, puts them at odds with the area’s picturesque views and generally calm demeanor. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Record Store Day With Sonic Youth, Beck, Obits, Kim Phuc, Jay Reatard

As is our want, we’ve flipped the script here at The Singles Collection and in the spirit of timeliness, this week we’ll be featuring seven-inches that were exclusive to last Saturday’s Record Store Day. Now, some of you may be listening to these as you read this, others may have unfortunately been shut out, while other still may have no idea these singles, or Record Store Day for that matter, even existed. At any rate, we’re only scratching the surface of the exclusive platters that were available on the 18th (for a full list, go here), and we hear some stores may even still have stock on some of these titles, so if anything strikes your fancy, best get a googlin’. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Teenage Lovers, City Center, Jeffrey Novak

It’s Easter week and we’re back to business as usual ’round here at The Singles Collection. Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s video sojourn into the realm of Sacred Bones, one of our favorite labels, but it’s back to doing what we love around here, mainly, giving you the scoop on 45′s that are currently rocking our world (and that we think will rock yours). So without further adieu — and so we can all get to our Cadbury Creme Eggs as quickly as possible — let’s get to it. read more »

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Nearly four years ago now, Edmonton quintet Faunts came out of nowhere with an album of blistering, mercurial post-rock/shoegaze that ranked right up with greats like Young Team and Nowhere, that left pink-pop/noise aficionados slack-jawed and awed in its wake. But four years is eons in terms of a band, and echoing the changes of the world around them, Faunts’ second full-length record is, in terms of pure sound, a vast departure from their debut. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Video Installment On Sacred Bones, With Zola Jesus, Max Elliott And Dead Luke

We’ve got an extra-special edition of The Singles Collection for you this week, one that’s less focused on prattling on about wildly obscure 7″ slabs of wax and more concerned with letting you lot in on exactly what goes into running one of the best labels around. While at SxSW a couple weeks back, we were able to corner the crew from New York’s stellar Sacred Bones Records — label owner Caleb Braaten and artists Zola Jesus, Max Elliott and Dead Luke — so they could give us the lowdown on what it takes to become one of the finest purveyors of the phonographic arts, how artists and labels find one another, and anything else that happened to come to mind. read more »

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