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Jeremy P. Goldstein


New York City’s playful sex quartet, Asobi Seksu, are back and looking to make up for lost time. With a new rhythm section and the same Japanese slang-derived name, shoegazing magic can be still be found on Citrus, but on their follow up to their self-titled debut, Asobi Seksu occasionally opt for the more straightforward approach. Instead of every song being bathed in the washy magic shared by Slowdive, Lush, The Sundays, and My Bloody Valentine, so read more »


News and Tributes

“Where do you come from, what do you know?” If that lyric from “Area”, one of the bonus tracks and catchiest tunes on The Futureheads’ new album, News and Tributes, were asked to the band rather than sung by them, the retort might possibly involve “Sunderland” and “our way around a spiky pop song.” The quartet from the Northwest of England check in with their sophomore record and have grown considerably since 2004′s self-titled debut. Instead of runnin read more »



The haze is thick as smoke fills the darkened room. Lava lamps glow and bubble, black lights illuminate psychedelic tapestries and marijuana, incense, and spilled beer can all be smelled as three men take the stage. Suddenly, Andrew Stockdale, the man in the middle with the huge, backlit afro, lets out a primal scream and attacks his guitar with fury previously unseen. It’s a rock & roll extravaganza, with amps cranked to 11 and hair reaching epic proportions read more »


Eyes Open

Much confusion exists over the nation of origin for Snow Patrol. Are they Northern Irish? Scottish? Go with the former; frontman Gary Lightbody and original bass player Mark McClelland hail from Northern Ireland, having gone to Dundee, Scotland, for university, there meeting up with drummer Johnny Quinn. After having toiled in relative obscurity in the US (releasing two albums for Scottish indie label supreme Jeepster, home to Belle & Sebastian), the ‘Patrol bu read more »

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Alan Donohoe, Matthew Swinnerton, Jamie Hornsmith, and Lasse Petersen are all skinny. As rakes. So, they named their band The Rakes. Truth? The band try to pass if off as such. Verity aside, when a band writes tunes as catchy as those on Capture/Release, they can call themselves whatever they wish and it won’t matter: all that will resonate are the songs. From the post-punk, Wire-influenced school that has borne Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chie read more »

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From the opening piano-fuelled notes of The Charlatans UK new album, one thing comes to mind: they’re baaaaaack! In recent years, the baggy favorites had gone in both a more soulful, falsetto-led direction (2001′s Wonderland) and taken a downtempo, almost country-flavored slant (the still unavailable domestically Up At The Lake from 2004). But with Simpatico, the band have returned more to their roots, cranking up the guitars on album ope read more »

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No Midnight

Birdmonster used to evoke images of Godzilla’s foe Rodan or perhaps that evil pigeon that endlessly swarmed you on your way to work last week. Now, however, the name will bring to mind the sounds of San Francisco’s Next Big Thing. They’ve gigged with the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, played scorching sets at SXSW and at the Levi’s/FADER Lounge, and have received the kiss of support from hometown heavyweight Aaron Axelsen. And, as of next week, their debut read more »

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Vision Valley

Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s a brain disorder that is essentially a form of autism. Not exactly an affliction that one equates with rock stars. But in the case of Vines frontman Craig Nicholls, it brings a number of things into sharper focus. Considering sufferers of Asperger’s usually have difficulty in social situations, tend to be unable to deal with change, and desire sameness in clothing, food, etc., Nicholls’ many run-ins with industry folk, professed love read more »

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The Back Room

When one considers the musical hubs of the UK, a few towns spring to mind: London, Manchester, Oxford, Glasgow, Edinburgh. Birmingham doesn’t really top the list, although a number of quality acts have emerged from that Midlands locale (Duran Duran, Black Sabbath, E.L.O., The Streets). But those artists grew up in Brum; Editors relocated there. London would seem a better location to launch a career, but for Editors, t read more »

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Stars Of CCTV

After a slightly-shortened gestation period, Hard-Fi‘s brilliant debut record, Stars Of CCTV, is now available in the US. Eight months after it was released in the UK, the Mercury Music Prize-nominated rock extravaganza prepares to take the US by storm. Born from the ashes of early 2000s fake Pulp act Contempo, Hard-Fi are the sounds of the streets of Staines (that’s near Heathrow, map nerds). Perhaps initially better known as the read more »

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