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Deerhoof, “Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars Cover)”

It kind of feels like this is what Deerhoof was meant to be doing all along. Not to rag on them or anything, or downplay everything they’ve done so far. It’s just the fact that … read more »

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Major Lazer, “Who Run De Floor on Halloween? (AnimalStatus RMX)” MP3

Halloween probably deserves a better tradition of music than it’s historically gotten. It probably has nearly as many movies devoted to it as Christmas, but you never see bands recording Halloween albums as placeholders to … read more »

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Ratatat, “Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)” MP3

Did you notice how on this year’s LP4, Ratatat attempted to make the bare minimum in change to a sound that’s proven effective for them for years now? No? Well, that’s what Hyetal is here for. … read more »

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Crystal Stilts, “Shake the Shackles” MP3

It feels like it’s been a really long time since Crystal Stilts released any new music. A really brief bit of research shows that it’s been over a year, so if you found yourself agreeing … read more »

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The Tripwire: My Morning Jacket’s Jams for a Lifetime

My Morning Jacket have a lot to offer as a studio band, but no single recording of theirs is worth much when held up to their Scott Pilgrim-esque live show. I had always been on … read more »

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Stream: Deradoorian, “High Road (Tanlines RMX)”

Tomorrow brings the digital re-release of Angel Deradoorian‘s Mind Raft EP from last year, now with bonus remix tracks. Now, maybe you’re asking “Why should I care about the re-release of a five-song EP that … read more »

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Stream Warpaint’s New Album The Fool

Last week we gave you a peek at the video for Warpaint’s “Undertow,” kind of like a narcotized-sounding “Polly” off of their upcoming debut LP, The Fool. Well, fuck a peek—the whole album is streaming … read more »

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Video: Holy Fuck, “Red Lights”

The cynic in us would just assume that the cat-heavy new video for “Red Lights” off of this year’s Latin is classic meme fodder, but isn’t it possible that something more ambitious is happening here? … read more »

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Times New Viking, “No Room to Live”

Maybe it’s just a passing result of all the rubbing of elbows with their forebears at Matador at 21 and recent opening gigs for Pavement and Guided by Voices (ongoing), but a more mellowed-out vibe … read more »

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A-Trak f. CyHi Da Prynce, “Ray-Ban Vision” MP3

CyHi Da Prynce has been making a bunch of noise lately, from his spot on “So Appalled” to his acquitting himself really well in the No Way Out album art-come-to-life G.O.O.D. Music cypher at the … read more »

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