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Ariel Pink Cameo/Performance on The Multinauts

The Multinauts is an online sci-fi TV series that shares a lot of Ariel Pink‘s aesthetic sensibility—so much that Ariel himself recently made a dual cameo in a new episode of the series. Spoiler alert, … read more »


Mr. Dream, “Learn The Language” MP3

Say what you will about bands with rock critics in them, they’re usually better suited to wringing the most out of nostalgia trends than anybody else. Take Brooklyn trio Mr. Dream, for example. Their new … read more »

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Preview: Panda Bear, “You Can Count On Me”

The coming intra-Animal Collective solo album war is heating up! You may recall Avey Tare‘s video premiere last week. Well, not to be outdone, Panda Bear has fired back with the unveiling of a preview … read more »

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Gypsy & The Cat, “The Piper’s Song (Aeroplane RMX)” MP3

Gypsy & The Cat are teasing out the early 2011 release of their debut album with their new single, “The Piper’s Song,” a catchy bit of soundtrack rock that you’ll likely hear plenty of soon … read more »

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Sailors with Wax Wings album cover

Stream: Sailors With Wax Wings, “Soft Gardens Near the Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty”

Sailors With Wax Wings is the name R. Loren from Pyramids has given to his solo debut, and he was probably right not to just use his own name. The list of his collaborators on … read more »

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Bishop Morocco cover

Premiere: Holy Fuck, “Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco RMX)” MP3

It’s easy to forget how solid a lot of Holy Fuck tracks are, what with all the noise and dancing usually attendant to listening to the Canadian band. Here’s a helpful reminder: Toronto band Bishop … read more »

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The Tripwire: Loving Abe Vigoda’s New Album Crush

The last couple years have seen indie rock coverage fall victim to some of the laziness and shortcuts that are plaguing mainstream news coverage of election season: namely, the reliance on easily digested, occasionally trite … read more »

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Good News/Bad News: Dustin Wong’s Post-Ponytail Solo Album

Apologies if we’re a little late to this party, but when it came through that Dustin Wong (no relation to FADER production sorceress, Ho-Mui Wong, M.D.) was releasing a new solo album/DVD on Thrill Jockey … read more »

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Video: No Age’s “Life Prowler” Trailer

They’ve already dropped a few crumbs from the forthcoming Everything In Between, but apparently No Age just now decided that releasing whole songs from the album wasn’t nearly coy enough, so here’s a trailer for … read more »

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Video: Vampire Weekend Covered the Boss

Having seemingly exhausted Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel’s 1980s bodies of work as sources of inspiration, Vampy Weeks may have found the next step in their musical evolution: Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. For proof, … read more »

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