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GEN F: Roach Gigz

After a dry spell and several months moping about it, a couple things happened in Roach Gigz’ life that got him back to rapping. First, he totaled his scraper and had to cop a shitty … read more »

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Fania X FADER: Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon, “La Murga (MNDR Wholestep RMX)”

When MNDR’s Amanda Warner lived in Chicago, its culture implanted on her like a brain chip — she’s perpetually twitting/blogging about the city and its music, in a tone so understated and matter-of-fact it makes … read more »

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Fania X FADER: Ray Barretto, “Acid (Twin Shadow RMX)”

For the third installment of The FADER’s remix project with the legendary Latin label Fania––in which we enlist some of our favorite musicians to reinterpret classics from their celebrated catalog––Brooklyn’s scuffed beauties Twin Shadow plucked … read more »

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Video: La Sera, “Never Come Around”

Katy Goodman’s Dexter fantasy! Super awesome DARK TIMES!

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Video: Meltdown, Greatest Teen Band Ever, Live in 1996

Sometime in the mid 1990s four teen girls in DC formed a band called Meltdown. They played technical punk rock and scream-sung and generally were everything teenage girls “aren’t supposed to” be—foreboding, powerful and, last … read more »

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Stream: Lil Scrappy, “Look At Me” MP3

Several things are remarkable about this track but we’ll start with the visuals: cover art by Pen & Pixel!! Blingee (and MIA) should totally be paying Pen & Pixel royalties. Actually the entire world should, … read more »

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Video: Katy B f. Ms. Dynamite, “Lights On”

This is almost like a knighting: reigning queen of garage Ms. Dynamite passing on the torch to new UK funky princess Katy B, while recharging her own career. “Lights On”: LEGACY EDITION. This track is … read more »

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Brodinski’s Fool’s Gold Foolcast

French homie Brodinski goes in on his mix for Fool’s Gold Records, and we’re not just saying that because it happens to include like every producer we love. Titled “International Gold,” Brodi grabbed jams by … read more »

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Blixaboy, “New Age Steppa” MP3

Blixaboy goes deep into the dubstep cut with “New Age Steppa,” but he doesn’t stumble on tropes or played wobble—it’s more like he crafted the track on a sculpting wheel, spinning it smooth until all … read more »

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Video Premiere: Ricky Blaze, “Just You and I”

Ricky Blaze frolics on the beach over Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” riddim (prod: Ricky Blaze, FYI), which seems about right—Brooklyn’s finest dancehall dude’s got the swag to make good on lady-tempting jams. His signature auto-tuned chorus … read more »

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