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Tweet Release: Spoon's Transference

Remember when Spoon was bad? It wasn’t so long ago. Yes, there was indeed a time when it seemed that they put out nothing but loose-fitting, out of tune, drawn-out and generally awful product. Drivel. … read more »

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Haiku Review: TV Torso @ The Mohawk, Austin TX

Late night and Lone Stars. read more »

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Pearl Jam Hit the Road

Road declared wuss and has lunch money stolen. read more »


The Rentals' Songs About Time

Fact: the dude on the right looks exactly like Judd Apatow. read more »


And Girls Club

With the time change and sunshine fast approaching and the prospect of long afternoons on the lawn running into late nights at the local dive becoming more feasible, The Strange Boys arrive just in time to offer up a nice little soundtrack to your inevitably hazy Spring. read more »

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SxSW 2009 Photos – Dappled Cities @ The Ranch

Photos by Kyle Rother

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Slow Dance

Jeremy Jay‘s sophomore album, Slow Dance, is an eerily entertaining listen to describe. Overall pretty entertaining in its strangeness, though the most interesting quality might be derived from trying to apply classification. Is there such a thing as minimalist-disco-glam? Or should we just call it Jeremy Jay? read more »

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Directed By Zack Snyder

The Lord of the Rings trilogy retains the title of best fan-boy adaptation because rather than doing a faithful recreation of the source material, it faithfully reignited the feelings created by the source material. “I’ve always thought it would be cool if…” feels like the most successful mantra for these kinds of pressure-packed adaptations, and while Watchmen succeeds in several of these instances, it very rarely reaches beyond a lock step rendering of the classic book. read more »

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Without implying any sort of negative connotations (in fact, meaning quite the opposite), there’s something very adolescent about Matt And Kim and their latest release, Grand. It could be the simplistic duo of keyboard and drums, or it could be the giddy enthusiastic tone heard in every syllable of Matt Johnson’s voice. It might also be the fact that every time I see drummer Kim Schifino’s face in mid song I am instantly reminded of my best friend in 2nd grade, with eyes pinched and teeth gritted trying to stifle laughter in the back of class. Regardless, Grand succeeds in assaulting the listener with nothing but a good time. read more »

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You & I

There’s something to be said of the timing of New Zealand quartet, Cut Off Your Hands‘ debut LP, You & I. If it had been released two years ago it might’ve been dismissed as just another in the line of post-punk revivals. Thankfully though, it’s been released in 2009, and the distance from said rock movement turns out to be quite refreshing. read more »

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