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Larry Fitzmaurice

Slow Club Will Charm Your Pants/Socks Off

Ever wish Tilly and the Wall were just a boy and a girl from Sheffield, England? No? Weird. Slow Club are just that and it’s great. The duo’s debut, Yeah So, is finally getting a … read more »

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Let's All Give Thanks That Xiu Xiu Is Still Around

Back in sophomore year of high school, when I had a portable CD player and not a Zune, there were three records in constant rotation on my unwieldy, skip-prone listening device: Fugazi’s The Argument, Mission … read more »

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Listen Up: Crystal Antlers' "Little Sister"

Normally, Crystal Antlers aren’t really a band anyone would call “restrained.” Their best work (detailed on 2008′s self-titled EP) sounds like what you’d get if you shoved Hawkwind inside an exploding star, explained to them … read more »

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Born Ruffians: "Sole Brother," or Soul Brothers? You Decide.

Just when we were wondering when we were going to hear some new tunes from Canadian jitterbugs Born Ruffians, the boys go ahead and hit us with a double-dose. Their sophomore record, Say It, is … read more »


Let Rooftop Vigilantes Save Your Monday Afternoon

Monday blues got you down? How’s about you throw on this new song by Lawrence, KS’ finest alt-rock roughnecks, Rooftop Vigilantes. The tune’s called “Punched By Gaurav,” and although we don’t really know who Gaurav … read more »

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Cloud Nothings? More Like CLEAR SKY EVERYTHINGS

In case you didn’t get that horrible, horrible attempt at a “joke,” we like Cloud Nothings. A lot. The Cleveland one-man shit-gaze machine known to his family as Dylan Baldi is building buzz, and new … read more »

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Nickelodeon: "Jay-Z's Not a Rapper… He's Just a Very Nice Man Who Sings Songs"

We swear to Miranda Cosgrove, this is the last post you will ever see here about the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, the nominees of which were just revealed today. Yeah, we know, you don’t … read more »

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We Categorize the 2010 Sasquatch! Lineup So You Don't Have To!

If there’s one thing the Internet is good for (do not say pornography), it’s making judgments on stuff and endlessly categorizing and organizing bands into genres. Oh, and arguing about it— the Internet’s good for … read more »

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Listen: Foreign Born Get Remixed By Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij

By now you should know that we love us some Vampy Weeks. But did you know we have to take our shirts off every time we listen to the warm Afro-pop stylings of Foreign Born? It’s … read more »

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The Soft Pack Sound Better on "Letterman" Than Anyone Sounded on the Grammys

And that’s not just because the Grammys absolutely suck. I mean, just watch this roaring performance of “Answer to Yourself,” from their still-great debut LP, on Friday night’s Late Show with David Letterman. Makes us … read more »

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