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Video: Mary J. Blige f. Trey Songz, "We Got Hood Love"

Mary and Trey have just dropped one of the most dramatic videos out right now, but don’t be mad—it’s dope, plus it features a cameo by one of our favorite young actresses, Melonie Diaz. Check … read more »

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Video: Full Crate & Mar, "I Said"

So you’re watching this video and it seems normal enough, like any YouTube of dudes lip-syncing along to their own stuttery soul chords and longing vocals, and then BAM! DUDE SHOOTS KEYBOARD-SPARKS OUT OF HIS … read more »

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Video: Mayer Hawthorne, "I Wish It Would Rain"

Oh Mayer Hawthorne, you’re like Pigpen from Peanuts only instead of dirt and grime, you have a perpetual cloud of sorrow floating above your head. Bet that’s a pain in the ass after awhile, like … read more »

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Video: Philthy Rich f. Du Damage, "Never Pictured You Dying"

This is some heartfelt songwriting from Oakland rapper Philthy Rich and vocalist Du Damage, with an equally evocative video, about that unfortunately perennial topic… (Via Southern Hospitality)

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Video: Kanye West, "Coldest Winter"

Kanye is not in this video, but the essence of his heartbreak is: this is a fairly macabre fairy tale put to screen, a pretty straightforward interpretation of love lost. Also: cool effects! Nabil is … read more »

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The-Dream, "LoveKing" MP3

Last night The-Dream announced this would be dropping at 8:30 PM EST via his Twitter and it’s the first single from his final solo album. Listening to it is making us entirely melancholy for his … read more »

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Video: Nivea f. Rasheeda, "Say Something"

Nivea and our fave underrated rapper Rasheeda flipped Drake’s ubiquitous radio hit and it jams. But we’re wondering if Nivea is talking about Wayne or Dream? We’re gonna go with Weezy, obvs, but it also … read more »

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Video: VV Brown, "Crying Blood"

WE LOVE THIS CHICK! Her album dropped last week and debuted at 150 in the Billboard charts. WE EXPECT IT TO GO HIGHER.

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Mark De Clive Lowe f. Rahel, "Hope" MP3

There’s a little Stevie in this song AND a little shadow of broken beat, which we can definitely appreciate. It’s also simultaneously open and sparse, 1970s meets 2020s, experimental and freeing at once. Download: Mark … read more »

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Video: Jaheim f. Jadakiss, "Ain't Leavin Without You"

If Jaheim stepped to us in the club like this, all nice and smiling and shit, we maybbbbbbbe would go with him. HE’S JUST SO JOVIAL! The problem though is that he’s hollering at like … read more »

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