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Meaghan Garvey


Jeremih, YG, & DJ Mustard Form a Trifecta of Pure Sex On “Don’t Tell ‘Em”

It’s been almost two years since Late Nights With Jeremih, a slick, sexy game-changer of a mixtape that elevated Jeremih from “Birthday Sex” guy to one of R&B’s most interesting voices. He’s finally readying his … read more »

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fly ty

Fly Ty, Juelz Santana, Lil Durk, & Cap 1′s “Usher Raymond” Is Massive

Fly Ty, born in Queens but currently based in Atlanta, is a relative newcomer to the rap game, but he’s got friends in high places. On “Usher Raymond,” he’s recruited an impressive crew of of … read more »

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Gunplay Takes “Deep Cover” in His New Video For “187 Freestyle”

The last we heard from Gunplay, Maybach Music’s most under-utilized member, he was telling Nardwuar about his plans to build a bomb shelter. Maybe he’s been camping out there—it’s been a minute since he’s dropped … read more »

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God Drops a Slick New Track “Broke” & Fuels Rumors of Deal with 2 Chainz

The “women as drugs” rap trope isn’t particularly original, but shadowy Chicago rapper God proves it can still be done well on his new track “Broke (You Remind Me Of Dope).” Over jazzy, grown-and-sexy horns, … read more »

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GoldLink & Kaytranada’s “Sober Thoughts” Will Soundtrack Your Next Barbecue

The DMV’s most uncategorizable rapper, GoldLink, and wavy Montreal beatmaker Kaytranada join forces on “Sober Thoughts,” an instant summertime backyard party staple that’s way less tight-laced than its title would suggest, even as it details … read more »

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T-Pain’s “Up Down” Remix, with Boosie, Kid Ink, & B.O.B., Is Really an Entirely New Song

T-Pain’s been going through it the past few years, despite godfathering the Autotuned warbles that dominate Southern rap—he admitted earlier this year to the New Yorker that he lost pride in himself after being openly … read more »

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Kolley Pushes His Voice to Its Limits on “No Money”

Earlier this month, Kolley, the small-town rapper with the big voice, dropped Real Nigga Shit, a polished, promising debut effort. He’s already back at it with “No Money,” a searing cut produced by the incredibly … read more »

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clipping. Gets Curb-Stomped in Their “Work Work” Video

“Work Work,” the lead single from Los Angeles trio clipping.’s Sub Pop debut album, CLPPNG, dials down the harshness of their previous works—last year’s mid city was an often jarring collage of harsh noise and … read more »

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L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Young Chop Make Rap Beef Look like Child’s Play On “I Ain’t Going”

L.E.P. Bogus Boys have been quietly holding down Chicago gangster rap since before it was cool—the duo, G Count and Moonie, have been rapping together for more than a decade and a half. They don’t … read more »

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Hurricane Chris & Lil Boosie Made Another Song about Ratchets

For Lil Boosie, the godfather of ratchet, seeing the term’s current ubiquity after being released from prison this spring—not to mention its geographic transplant from the South to the West—must have been Rip Van Winkle … read more »

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