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Free Energy – "Dream City"

You can’t accuse me of it if I admit it first: I’m jumping on a bandwagon. You can’t call me a follower if I just don’t care. You can’t bring me down when I’m pumping out “Dream City”, the awesome new jam from recently DFA-signed feel-gooders Free Energy. read more »

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IM Solipsist – Are You Reading This?

In his opening column, Michael Cranston — the IM Solipsist — voices meta-concerns of how to be interesting in a market already grossly oversaturated in blogs and opinions to Tripwire Editor Derek Evers. read more »

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Out of the dorm-room into the spotlight, indeed. “Look at me,” Michael Angelakos declares on the Red Bull-infused lead single “The Reeling”. It’s vigor sets a precedent: Chunk of Change was meant for his girlfriend’s bedroom and Manners is meant for Times Square. read more »

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Five Questions For M. Ward

Matt Ward isn’t exactly the most talkative individual. Sure, his accomplished career vindicates him from having to be a good interview or even offer some random blogger insight into his creative process. But like all writers, I thought I’d have a chance to dig a bit deeper. read more »


Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Talks New Material, Being Awesome

New material is “mostly choir stuff” and “definitely more on the experimental side of things.” Hopefully to be premiered during his opening slot for the Indigo Girls. read more »

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Concept & Catharsis: Antlers' Peter Silberman On Hospice

A month after releasing his fantastic Hospice LP, we spoke to Peter Silberman, the brainchild of The Antlers, from his bedroom in Brooklyn. read more »

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Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber Doesn't Make The Time 100 Cut

Despite the support of his indie brethren — and being called the “Pravda of indie rock” — Schreiber didn’t make the “Scientists and Thinkers” portion of the Time 100 list. Oh well, the competition was stiff. read more »

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Are These The Worst Lyrics Ever Written?

“So sick of the hobos/ Always beggin’ for change/
I don’t like how I gotta work/ And they just sit around and get paid.” read more »

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Alas, I Cannot Swim

While the Avril Lavigne’s of the world claim to circumvent the “Label-Creates-the-Star” paradigm by maintaining personal autonomy, they reek of artificiality more than the Miley‘s. But there is a real feeling Laura Marling has nothing to do with them; she’s a talented bedroom musician being taken along for the corporate ride. Alas, I Cannot Swim is a satisfactory beginning; with character in check, and a knack for lyrics that feel ten times her age, Marling’s young career will hopefully evolve into something musically-original and artistically-engaging. read more »

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Wavves & TV On The Radio Get Dissed By Psychedelic Horseshit

But wow, in Psychedelic Horseshit’s interview with the Washington Post, they really tear the kid a new one. Brandishing “Wavves Suxx” t-shirts, the dudes in Psychedelic Horseshit go on to lament their current situation: “We should have named ourselves Wavves. We’d be rich now if we would’ve. We’re better than Wavves, he does the same kind of [expletive].” And that’s not all. read more »

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