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While A Camp has always been The Cardigans‘ Nina Persson’s solo project, which truly evolved out of her own needs to express her own vision, with her second A Camp release, Colonia, this is no longer true. A Camp is now a band. read more »

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All England Club Monthly Missive – SxSW Edition

Yes, it is time for another AEC Monthly Missive. There are some very exciting things coming up in the next few weeks — March 2009 is bringing some great things from across the pond, so let’s get down to business. read more »

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All England Club Monthly Missive

Happy 2009! As great as 2008 was, we are already digging into what should be a great year in British music. So let’s get right to it… read more »

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On The Cover – Blonde Acid Cult

Blonde Acid Cult is a rock and roll band. To describe their music as something more would do it a bit of a disservice. Take from that sparse description what you like, and you’ll probably come up with one of the many bands BAC has been compared to — The Strokes, Stone Roses, Kasabian, etc. But in each of the band’s songs, most listeners find a different influence and touchstone. And as they set to work introducing audiences to their brand of rock, that’s exactly what the guys of Blonde Acid Cult are hoping for. read more »

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All England Club's Monthly Missive

Welcome to the first installment of the All England Club’s Monthly Missive. From this point forward, the AEC will be providing a monthly insight into all of the musical happenings in the UK. We may stray sometimes from the path of strictly music, but we promise to keep it interesting. In the next few months, look for our tips on new bands to watch, scoop on the hottest controversies abroad and maybe even a few reflections on the shopping habits of footballer WAGs. We promise to keep that to part to a minimum. read more »

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On The Cover Interview – Glasvegas

Glasvegas is a four-piece from Scotland with a penchant for 60s girl-group melodies, Jesus and Mary Chain buzzing guitars and dark, introspective lyrics. They have been praised by press in the U.K. and across Europe, industry legends and legions of fans, and now have finally made it to the U.S. We interviewed them after their first few U.S. dates to ask them about everything from their sudden rise — and its business pitfalls — to the reactions of their U.S. audiences. read more »

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Live – Adele @ Webster Hall | NYC

The most immediately striking thing about Adele’s live performance is her profound sense of confidence. Compared to the litany of UK vocalists usually bandied about in the same breath, at 20 years old, the London singer is the same age as her peers, but somehow totally owns her complete onstage persona. read more »

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Object 47

Unlike most seminal bands, when an artist claims to have been heavily influenced by Wire, you have no idea what the band might sound like. Similarly, when presented with a new Wire release, you have no idea what to expect. Could it be two and a half minute spare punk rock? Perhaps obtuse art-rock that pushes the instrumental and lyrical envelope? Or maybe jarring maniacal electric drill industrial with an overt political bent? read more »

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Earth To The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols have an uncanny ability to craft incredibly catchy, infectious and delicious pop songs. This fact alone is enough to make their fans buy every record they produce. Unfortunately, as much as this is their incredible gift, it is also their Achilles heel. read more »

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