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Ghettophiles Release Insane Club Sampler

Ghettophiles is an up-and-coming label that’s scrambling to pick up the best in juke and ghetto house. They’ve put together a sampler of tracks from upstarts DJ Heavy D, DJ Earl and DJ Phil, legends … read more »

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Chicago Juke Legends Storm New York, Give Away New Tracks

If you were at the Cove on Thursday night, you’re probably still picking up pieces of your brain and trying arrange them back into the way they were on Wednesday. If you weren’t, and you … read more »

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Video: Chrissy Murderbot ft. DJ Spinn, “Bussin’ Down”

Oh man. We’ve got so many questions. Like, holy Jesus, where can we buy “Bussin’ Down” the game? How does one play SNES with an Xbox 360 controller? Is DJ Spinn’s hair long or short? … read more »

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Stream: L’Xtrmst.Zen, “ZiggyZa ZiggyZi”

Poirier has been a busy, busy man. And who can blame him when there are so many weird musical sensations across the globe, still waiting to be uprooted and slapped together over his own brand … read more »

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Janka Nabay’s Sabanoh Tape MP3 + Help the Bubu Man

Janka Nabay might be more of a myth than a man. In his homeland of Sierra Leone, there aren’t many who would challenge his self-proclaimed status as “King of Bubu“, he being single-handedly responsible for … read more »

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Interview with Brian Roettinger + Bonus No Age Music

Brian Roettinger is a graphic designer and friend and collaborator of No Age. He also has a thing for balled up paper. That’s basically what you need to know about before you delve into Oliver … read more »


Total Freedom’s Ghe20 Gothik and Leatherface’s Footwork Mixtapes

Somewhere along the line the devil arose from his shadowy canopy bed of bone and black silk, flossed his horns and turned all of his attention to juke and crunk, finally seeing their true brimstone … read more »

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Dark Sky, “Night Light” MP3

Dark Sky has climbed like some dark and magical moth creature from the recesses of a damp netherworld, seething and spewing black oozy tears from between its crystalline eyes. Wrapped around one of its hairy … read more »

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Video: Hot City, “Another Girl”

Hot City is ripping garage and funky house up from under the ground and out of the past and handing it to the public on a flashy pink triangle tray. He isn’t the only one. … read more »

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Tevo Howard Live Mix MP3

Tevo Howard‘s new live mix for Resident Advisor hour-long epic of breathy synth strings and thumping TB-303 acid bass is an emotional house soundtrack that could inject spraying butter substitute on an english muffin with … read more »

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