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On The Cover Interview – Jolie Holland

I’ve always thought of Jolie Holland as an extension of the Beats, the same ways in which her label mate Tom Waits is often regarded. That undeniable aching coming from within, burning again from her chest in huge, new, incandescent ways. Illuminating the gorgeousness of life and the revelatory nuances of the American Landscape, and the dismissal of many details about our current sad world. Which is to say: like The Beats, and loads of bohemians, punk rockers, and psychopaths alike. read more »

POSTED September 26, 2008 5:26PM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Exclusive Download – Jolie Holland's "Palmyra"

The third track on Holland’s third studio album The Living And The Dead, “Palmyra” is another one of her classic, ramblin’ tales, but it may also represent her most rockin’ work to date. Assuming it’s intentional, The Living And The Dead reads as a conceptual album, where lines like “They took it all, and I don’t care” and “I’ll dance at your funeral, if you dance at mine” tell a plaintive tale of one whose wisdom and acceptance surpass any notion of loss – whether possessive or existential. read more »

POSTED September 9, 2008 11:19AM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Rip Your Vinyl To MP3

I know all you wax junkies out there would never give up your vinyl collection in a million years. Whether you’re a new kid on the block, using vinyl-exclusive remixes at your local indie rock DJ night, or an old fart with a massive catalog of classic rock vinyl, I think it’s safe to say that there’s been a time or two when you wouldn’t mind having some of those songs on your iPod. Well the future is now my friends.

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POSTED June 30, 2006 12:27PM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Transformers… The Movie!

Oh my god. When I first heard about this movie, I lost my shit a little. Transformers were the JAM back in the day. I had Optimus Prime, a few of the Dinobots, that big airplane one and the bunch of construction vehicles that banded together to form a giant Transformer. I loved every second of playing with those freaking toys in my bedroom. The cartoon was awesome too, but oh damn, this feature film is going to be great (I hope).

The first trailer read more »

POSTED June 30, 2006 12:09PM IN THE TRIPWIRE Comments (1)

Live – Intonation @ Union Park | CHI (Day 2)

Rise and shine! My early bed time on Saturday night has me feeling rejuvenated and ready for action. Annie goes on at 3:45, but I wouldn’t mind catching Rhymefest at 3:10 and maybe even The Constantines at 2:30. After double checking my lame “man bag” to ensure that I have all my supplies, I grab a cab and am on my way. No waiting around for anyone today. It’s game time.

The enormous thunderstorm that swept through Chicago this AM seems to be subs read more »


Live – Intonation Festival @ Union Park | CHI (Day 1)

The Vice-curated Intonation Festival is the first of three major outdoor indie/alternative rock & roll festivals to touch down in Chicago this summer (the Pitchfork Festival and Lollapalooza being the other two). Falling early in the summer, the festival promised better weather than last year’s event (100+ temperatures) and luckily for everyone involved, that promise was realized. It’s a beautiful day today (Saturday) and though I laid in bed ’till noon tryin read more »

POSTED June 28, 2006 12:08PM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Live – Five Venues, One Night | Chicago Kicks Off Intonation Weekend With A Bang

Last weekend in Chicago was one of the busiest in recent memory for the young, music-loving urbanite. Not only was the city overrun with more than your average A&R crowd thanks to the semi-known MobFest A&R convention, but Vice invaded the Windy City as well with a flurry of events surrounding Intonation festival. My intent was to simply do my best to cover the happenings of Saturday and Sunday’s Intonation but I feel I’d be doing an injustice if I failed to read more »


Hunt For The Annoying Bearded Photographer

Last week, I received a letter from a disgruntled Tripwire reader. His name is Jay. He was at the Band Of Horses show at the Bowery in NYC last week and was upset because a giant bearded sasquatch of a photographer was leaning over the stage snapping shots at the band and blocking his lady’s view of the show. He thought, based on the photos we posted of that gig, that the bearded giant worked for us. Read his letter below. It’s pretty funny.

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POSTED June 27, 2006 12:29PM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Film Trailer: Os Mutantes Documentary

1960s Brazilian psychedelic pop icons Os Mutantes are relatively unknown, but they can count among their fans the likes of Beck and Kurt Cobain. Thanks to the help of club DJs and peeps like Pitchfork, who have them booked to headline the second night of their forthcoming festival, these old timers are making a resurgence.

Video blog Sharpeworld has posted a trailer for an upcoming documentary film on Os Mutantes that should work as a nice little h read more »

POSTED June 27, 2006 11:38AM IN THE TRIPWIRE

Gnarls Vs The Beasties

London’s DJ Sussex posted a video on YouTube of himself spinning a pretty hot mash up of Gnarls Barkley’s uber hit “Crazy” and the Beasties’ “Check It Out.” Have a look at the video below, then download the MP3 on MySpace. Word.

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POSTED June 26, 2006 12:50PM IN THE TRIPWIRE