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Greatest Song At This Moment – The Ramones "Smash You"

I’m not gonna solve all the Ramones’ problems, in music or otherwise. But I can’t help lamenting the fact that “Smash You” — representing such a higher-than-normal high for one of the greatest bands to walk the Earth — is underrepresented. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Prince & The New Power Generation "7"

Written By Phillip Mottaz Dedicated to those songs that I can’t stop playing, humming, or thinking about; the 4+ minutes you fall head-over-heels in love with. Past instances have included The Ramones’ “Indian Giver,” R.E.M.’s … read more »

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The Adventures Of Kid Catastrophe

Kid Catastrophe won’t receive a CD release until June 9, yet the album’s been available on iTunes since early May as a “Deluxe Edition,” implying there is a “Standard Edition” forthcoming. That means cuts, and that would be a shame, because the true luxury of the sans-time album means flexibility and freedom. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – The Beatles "She Said, She Said"

Somehow I knew I would end up writing about the Greatest Band Ever and, consequently, throwing my column onto the growing pile of praise articles (for a good example of this, check out the comments at the bottom of the attached YouTube video. 108 as of May 17 on this song alone*). read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Rufus Wainwright "Foolish Love"

As our weather perfects itself, cool breezes have become more common on my neighborhood walks, and those breezes deserve a soundtrack. And for whatever reason — but mostly desperation for a song on which to fixate — that soundtrack has come via Rufus Wainwright’s track 1, side 1 of his album #1, “Foolish Love”. read more »


Greatest Song At This Moment – The Rolling Stones "Prodigal Son"

I have a few pop-culture fixations, and then there are fetishes. Star Wars is one fetish. The Rolling Stones are another, and odd as it may seem the latter have disappointed me far less than the former in recent years. Such is the benefit of living after the prime years only to leave those great lost non-radio tracks for discovery, like some lazy archeologist who managed to find something wonderful by one of the most popular acts in the last 60 years. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Van Halen "Beautiful Girls"

The impact and success of this commercial parody has done much to marginalize the overall Van Halen legend. It’s not solely responsible, of course; so much of that responsibility lies with the band itself. But there was a period where VH was The band, and The theme gong of The band needed to portray their voice, and no matter how many “Panamas” or “Jumps” followed, “Beautiful Girls” epitomizes The voice of The band. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova "Into The Mystic" (Van Morrison Cover)

I’m kind of glad that Glen and Marketa didn’t end up together in real life. The movie Once is not about a couple falling in love. If it were, they would end up together at the end. It’s really about a man and a woman creating music together and developing a friendship through that music. By creating beautiful art together, they somehow move beyond mere mortal feelings of desire and love and all that garbage and ascend to a higher level of existence, one occupied only by music. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Bold As Love"

Some artists are so monumentally great that they become as common as your garbage disposal. It isn’t until you’re apart for a passage of time that their innovation is appreciated. Somehow, somewhere, the situation presents itself and you’re left to realize, “Hey! I don’t have to scrape food into the garbage!” I experienced a similar moment during Watchmen where the not-so-inspired cue of “All Along The Watchtower”* reminded me with the immediacy of a lightning bolt — “Holy crap! I have Jimi Hendrix music at home!” read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"

Here is an interesting question concerning your perception of the world and history: Do you consider The Jackson 5 to be part of Michael Jackson‘s career? That is to say when you think of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, do you put “ABC” in the mix along with “Beat It” and “Rock With You”? read more »

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