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Sam Hockley-Smith

Sam Hockley-Smith

Sam Hockley Smith is senior editor of The FADER.

Travi$ Scott: No Fear

Beware of Travi$ Scott, rap’s new radical From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 For about the millionth time, a car rockets off a cliff and lands in the water below, but no one … read more »

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Interview: Sam Smith

The charismatic crooner behind Disclosure’s “Latch” steps out of obscurity and into the spotlight Sam Smith is going to be a big deal. Actually, he already kind of is. His voice—which is rounded and husky, … read more »

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Freak Scene: Ray Lynch’s Deep Breakfast

I’ve been thinking a lot about cassettes. This is probably no surprise, because it was recently cassette store day. That was a surprise though, because what the hell? Since when did so many people care … read more »

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Video: Archie Pelago, “Chronomancer”

Archie Pelago are a Brooklyn-based trio that specializes in meticulous, tense dance music, but the real star of the weirdly catchy “Chronomancer” is the saxophone, which moves from breathy to sensuous and back again. I’d … read more »

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Stream Moodoïd’s Self Titled EP

Moodoïd is the project of Pablo Padovani, guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, a group that put out an excellent, if somewhat overlooked, psychedelic record last year. Let’s get the unavoidable out of the way: like … read more »

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Watch Kanye West Perform “Bound 2″ on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

When does a surprise stop being a surprise? Popular opinion is when you spoil the surprise by telling people about it in advance, which is what Jimmy Fallon did earlier today when he announced on … read more »

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Stream: Little Wings, “Snake Bird Rock”

As Little Wings, Kyle Field makes the kind of music that is probably gets him described as a “musician’s musician,” which is always super vague but the gist is clear: this dude has something that … read more »

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Stream: Hunters & Collectors, “Talking to a Stranger” (Avalanches Rework)

Leave it to the ever-elusive Avalanches to return to the scene with a rework of a really great, relatively obscure (to American audiences anyway) song from 1982 by Hunters & Collectors. Ever the masters of, … read more »

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Weed, “Silent Partner” MP3

All of Weed‘s album Deserve is filled with sludgy anthems like “Silent Partner,” but this is the one I come back to the most. It manages to capture those apathetic dog days of summer when … read more »

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Stream: Huerco S., “Prinzif”

If you like music that sounds like machines dying a soft, comfortable, weirdly pretty and sepia-toned death (too morbid?) then you’ll probably be into Huerco S., whose Colonial Patterns LP (Out Sept 24th on Software) … read more »

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