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Sam Hockley-Smith

Sam Hockley-Smith

Sam Hockley Smith is senior editor of The FADER.

Stream: Mount Eerie, “Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version”)

This is weird. With his Mount Eerie project, Phil Elverum’s music moves between warm interpretations of black metal to warm interpretations of nature folk and back. It’s basically all warm and distinctly organic. Pre-Human Ideas, … read more »

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Download Digitalis’ Isolatarium Compilation

Those of you with a memory for this sort of thing might remember Break The Chain, a comic book by artist Kyle Baker and rapper KRS One. It came with a cassette that, if I … read more »

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Freak Scene: Three New Records From Way Out

It’s increasingly harder to figure out what belongs in this column and what doesn’t, to comb through releases week after week with no real concept of what’ll make it out of the world that Freak … read more »

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Stream: copeland, “Fit”

The artist formerly known as Inga Copeland, who is also half of the (apparently) now defunct duo Hype Williams (not to be confused with the director), is now going by just copeland, and “Fit” is … read more »

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Interview: Forest Swords

Matt Barnes, aka Forest Swords, makes deliberate music. His new album, Engravings, out right now on Tri Angle, is built on hypnotic repetition, a strong foundation of dub and an earthy minimalism that sounds ancient … read more »

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GEN F: Destruction Unit

“We don’t usually plan on breaking things when we play. We just get so into it.” From the magazine: ISSUE 87, June/July 2013 Not every psychedelic experience is supposed to be positive. Listening to Phoenix, … read more »

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Stream: Roland Tings, “Cagean Sea” (Maxmillion Dunbar Remix)

The original version of Australian producer Roland TIngs’ “Cagean Sea” is smooth to the point that the track’s edges feel blurred and softened, like they’re not even there. It feels like staring at an infinity … read more »

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Lemonade, “Skyballer” MP3

People are doing that annoying thing where they talk about the end of summer already, and it blows. We can still hold on to these last few days with Lemonade’s “Skyballer,” which feels meatier than … read more »

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Freak Scene: Catching Up With Austin, Texas’ Holodeck Records

Just over a year ago, I interviewed Jon (just Jon) from Silent Land Time Machine, about his label Holodeck Records, an Austin, Texas-based outfit that was releasing cassettes from bands in the area with great … read more »

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Live: Øya Festival in Oslo, Norway

Stretching Out at Norway’s Øya Festival I remember when I figured out that my first high school girlfriend was a “festival person.” One night she popped up on Facebook, very excited to go to Coachella … read more »

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