Freak Scene: Ray Lynch’s Deep Breakfast

I’ve been thinking a lot about cassettes. This is probably no surprise, because it was recently cassette store day. That was a surprise though, because what the hell? Since when did so many people care … read more »



Freak Scene: Three New Records From Way Out

It’s increasingly harder to figure out what belongs in this column and what doesn’t, to comb through releases week after week with no real concept of what’ll make it out of the world that Freak … read more »

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Freak Scene: Catching Up With Austin, Texas’ Holodeck Records

Just over a year ago, I interviewed Jon (just Jon) from Silent Land Time Machine, about his label Holodeck Records, an Austin, Texas-based outfit that was releasing cassettes from bands in the area with great … read more »

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Freak Scene: Fennesz’s Venice is a Gateway Drug

It’s hot in New York. Stifling. Squinting even when you’re wearing sunglasses hot. Going out to get coffee, I saw people in shorts (makes sense) and some in jeans (does not make sense, seems crazy). … read more »

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Who are they? Hype Williams

Freak Scene: The (Not That) Weird World of Hype Williams

Hype Williams, the performance art/musical duo of Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt spent a few years confounding audiences with their music, which ranged from sound collage to Sade covers to fucked up Drake remixes to … read more »

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Freak Scene: Forest Swords and the Shifting Idea of Dub

Right now, the background on my phone is the cover of Vivien Goldman’s Dirty Washing EP, because it is the thing I listen to more than anything else. Goldman is now a professor at NYU, … read more »

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Freak Scene: The Mint Chicks and Finding Beauty in Bad Recordings

According to iTunes, since last Tuesday, I have listened to The Mint Chicks‘ “Stolen Hill” 89 times. It’s probably more though. I listened to it while commuting a bunch, and rewound it to focus on … read more »

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Freak Scene: New Sounds From Way Out

One weird thing about Freak Scene is that because of the constantly shifting nature of what we define as weird music, things that normally would fit perfectly here suddenly seem like they should be part … read more »

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Freak Scene: Tyondai Braxton’s HIVE

Whenever I interact with experimental music that’s “crossed over” from dingy warehouse spaces to museums or planetariums or zoos or really just places that feel more traditionally welcoming than, say, a building corroded with rust … read more »

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Freak Scene: Four Tet’s Rounds

In 2003, a lot of people still had Discmans (Discmen?). The iPod already existed, but wasn’t yet ubiquitous. I had one of those portable CD players that could handle data CDs, which could hold multiple … read more »

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