Suite903: Scorned Women, Sweet Music

The lyrics of “Rolling in the Deep” are easy to miss, if you’re busy listening to the quality of Adele’s from-above voice and foot tapping to the bass drum. But as I watched her perform … read more »



Suite903: Is The-Dream’s New Album Ever Coming Out?

Early this year, The-Dream promised a new album, The Love IV, would arrive in June. It’s May now, but I haven’t heard a single. Why is The-Dream trying to play me? The hype started with … read more »

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Suite903: Kenna’s Chaos and The Darkness EP

The hoopla over the Royal Wedding this morning brought me back to the chat I had with Kenna earlier this week about privacy and mystery in this celeb-crazed world. Against that landscape, Kenna’s a breath … read more »

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Suite903: Fabolous’ The Soul Tape

Now that we have evidence that Beyonce is not pregnant and plans to unleash a serious tranny army this summer, I can stop having full-on panic attacks. While Bey was belting over “Pon De Floor,” … read more »

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Suite903: Lady Led, Community Supported

Two of the best young voices we’ve got, international soul queen Adele and candid funky princess Katy B, went to high school together. There, Adele turned Katy on to soul singers—in interviews, Katy mentions Jill … read more »

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Suite903: Ryan Leslie Goes It Alone + “Joan of Arc” MP3

This week, I had a chat with Ryan Leslie— we talked about his new independent status, rap album and latest single “Joan of Arc“. I for one am beyond excited for more R. Les but … read more »

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Suite903: Love & Hip Hop, Trick or Check, Whatever It Takes

Usually I save the Lord’s Day for sports and general laying around in my stank. I try my best to stay far away from Sunday Night TV and all its wretchedness. If you turn on … read more »

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Suite903: So Far Gone, Time to Get Back In

On my way home from Austin, everyone on the plane to New York queued up Frank Ocean on their iPods and I watched my twitter timeline explode with praise for The Weeknd’s new mixtape. The … read more »

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Suite903: Ellie Goulding’s Got Soul

Here at Suite903 I try to keep the definition of soul music open. Soul is exactly what it sounds like— music that comes from within an artist and feels like a sermon on a Sunday … read more »

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Suite903: A Guide to Saaaangin’

This week in a moment of weakness I finally listened to Kim Kardashian’s new song Jam. The one word that I could think to describe it was “elementary,” because it sounds like a six year … read more »

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