Suite903: Stop the Madness!

When I read on my twitter timeline that Charlie Sheen was going to be on 20/20 all I could think was: This sounds more epic than the Whitney and Bobby interview. In my mind, up … read more »

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Suite903: Where the Fuck are Electrik Red?

Last December I decided 2011 would be my year of re-invention. Tired of looking like a skater/hipster/homeless teen boy, I committed to becoming a LADY, glamorizing my wardrobe so I could walk into a room … read more »

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Suite903: Brothertiger and Andre Harrell’s Champagne Valentines Day

Here at Suite903 where everything is about smooth(ness) and silk— we don’t actually care about Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to watch your entire G be turned into a commercial cheesecake. We have managed to find … read more »

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Suite903: Snoop Dogg’s Family Values

A couple weeks back we saw Snoop Dogg onstage at Sundance. He brought out Tha Dogg Pound, Warren G and his Uncle Junebug. Oh, you didn’t know Snoop gets down with independent film? Seeing Calvin … read more »

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Suite903: Drippin’ in Jesus for These Warbucks

Every day we ask little black baby Jesus for some blessing that does not come in the form of snow. Our prayers do not always go unheeded. After a couple years of the highest highs … read more »

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Suite 903: For the Love of Diddy

Last night a man in Ontario was arrested for impersonating Diddy. Never mind that fact that we are completely bewildered as to how he pulled this off . With all due respect to that man’s … read more »

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Suite903: R&B, Rejected and Betrayed

When we look back at junior high school, we remember the shock and awe of seeing artists switch genres. Does anyone remember this time? When Fred Durst ruled the world and the word mash-up was … read more »

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Suite903: Oprah Still Trying To Light Your Life With Her OWN

In a New Year’s Eve dinner discussion that may have reached epic levels after champagne ponies but we’re sticking to it, we posed the possibility that Oprah is in fact the Illuminati. Not along with … read more »

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Suite903: God Bless you, Weezy, and Welcome Home

Lil Wayne was freed from Rikers Island this morning after eight months of a one year sentence. While we, and Bill Clinton are ecstatic, his release does bring with it some healthy debate. Two days … read more »

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Suite903: Willow Smith is the Best Worst Thing Not Smoking

Now when it comes to naming the dopest R&B singers in the game, I will not fake the funk, I am dumb silly common with my choices: Drake, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, (fill in … read more »

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