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Stream: Chrome Sparks, “Lookin at Me”

FADER PREMIERE Chrome Sparks, the Brooklyn producer who first appeared here, unsigned, in 2011, recently hooked up with Australian label Future Classic (Flume, Classixx, Flight Facilities, Jagwar Ma) for an EP, Sparks, out now. “Lookin … read more »

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Stream The Shakin’ Babies’ Stoked Casual LP

My mind projects a giant Cheshire grin over everything The Shakin’ Babies do, from their unusually worded but very evocative Stoked Casual debut album title to the band’s roster, which is listed on Bandcamp with … read more »

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Steffaloo, “Can’t You See” MP3

Steffaloo, the LA singer featured on woozy electronic productions by Sun Glitters and others, prefers simple folk instrumentation for her own music. But thanks to her calming voice, always sounding the way color-changing leaves look … read more »

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Stream: Sacred Animals vs. Steffaloo, “On Fire”

Dublin’s Darragh Nolan, producing as Sacred Animals, has teamed with LA singer/songwriter Steffaloo, a frequent muse for washed out electronics. They’ve collaborated on a fuzzier spin on her beautiful solo-guitar track, “On Fire,” released last … read more »

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chrome sparks

Chrome Sparks f. Steffaloo, “Still Sleeping” MP3

Chrome Sparks’ “Still Sleeping,” off his soon-to-be released on Bandcamp Surface Glows EP makes us want to go back to sleep in the best possible way—just to dream of the crazy lobster headed human swimmer … read more »

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Sun Glitters f. Steffaloo, “Cosmic Ocean” MP3

Lovely buzzing sounds from Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters, two minutes of tiny drums and wave-wash wrapping up airy backing vocals from LA’s Steffaloo. It’s not a complicated song, it’s not a thinker. It’s a good way … read more »

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Finally Champions: True Panther Celebrates San Francisco

On the first day of November, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. This was a coup not only for the modern city, but for the long history of left field weirdos populating it. … read more »

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