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Hook Singers Collide with Akon and Young Thug on “Nasa”

Every few years, a chosen crooner takes mantle as rap’s resident hook singer of the moment. A decade ago, Akon held that title, appearing on songs from T-Pain to Young Jeezy to, eventually, David Guetta. … read more »

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Ca$h Out f. Akon, Young Jeezy, Fabolous and Yo Gotti, “Cashin Out (Remix)” MP3

Ca$h Out, the 21 year old recently signed to L.A. Reid’s Epic, gathers an unlikely assortment of industry veterans on this remix of “Cashin Out,” his chart-climbing, DJ Spinz-produced AutoTune anthem. The track, this summer’s … read more »

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Download French Montana’s Coke Boys 3 Mixtape

French Montana, pride of the Bronx, released his Coke Boys 3 mixtape this morning, featuring healthy contributions from Montana’s Coke Boys crew (Chinx Drugz especially), Rick Ross, LEP Bogus Boys, Akon and Mac Miller. Low-key … read more »

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Blaqstarr’s Blaqstarr the Mixtape

When we spoke to Blaqstarr two months ago, we could swear he said this was going to be a Baltimore Club mixtape. It’s not, and it’s hard to say what is. The self-titled mixtape features … read more »

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Video: Dr. Dre f. Snoop Dogg and Akon, “Kush”

There’s some sci-fi Rush Hour/Con Air time suspension plot going on in this high-budg hangout but we are missing that and fixating unreasonably on this question: What stylist put Dre in an asymmetrical mid-life Euro … read more »

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Video: Michael Jackson f. Akon, “Hold My Hand”

Some of the people in this video are really upset, some of them are really happy. There are just so many people, and what’s kind of weird to think is—let’s say you’re muscle-making girl at … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: November 21, 2010 Edition

*Dre, Snoop, and Akon bragged about their “Kush” and we felt one step closer to Detox. *We talked with Kathleen Hanna about The Raincoats, building the Riot Grrrl Archive, and crying when she met Lesley … read more »

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Dr. Dre f. Snoop Dogg and Akon, “Kush” MP3

Is it weird when adults don’t stop hyping how many nuggs they’re about to throw down after age 40? Not if they’ve cultivated a high/not high zen like Snoop and can still put things in … read more »

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Stream: Michael Jackson f. Akon, “Hold My Hand”

This is the first single from the new Michael Jackson journey/album MICHAEL. Akon said “the world was not ready” to hear the song when it was recorded then leaked in 2007/8. In what way, Akon? … read more »

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Akon f. Rick Ross, “Give it to ‘Em” MP3

In case you were wondering, this song is produced by The Runners and is completely new, instead of being stored in a time capsule from the olden days of 2008. But we’re not posting this … read more »

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