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Philippe Zdar for the Fader in Paris

Philippe Zdar: The French Touch

Philippe Zdar takes a firm hand in making music better. It is at once utterly baffling and totally understandable why Philippe Zdar has tried to talk me out of coming to see him DJ at … read more »

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Video: Estelle, “Freak”

Beyond the music being hot garbage, the less-obvious downside to the culture’s fascination with Gaga is that now every chick on the planet thinks she needs to suddenly act like a weirdo, shave her head, … read more »

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Video: David Guetta f. Kid Cudi, "Memories"

America’s favorite dance DJ pairs with America’s favorite young trance-rapper for what is ostensibly A JAM. Who else thinks Kid Cudi should just stop rapping and start singing shit like this?

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Win Two Tickets To Electric Zoo In NYC

Boogie woogie woogie. read more »

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