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Renaissance Man, “Bebe-Borne” MP3

FADER PREMIERE This weekend, Helsinki electronic duo Renaissance Man is in NYC to play the third annual Father’s Day party, a night of joyous house and techno music thrown by Fatherhood’s Physical Therapy and Michael … read more »

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Download Physical Therapy’s Non-Drowsy EP

Contrary to all appearances, and to my surprise when Physical Therapy sent me the url this morning, www.allergy-season.net is not an advertisement for some low-cost Claritan knockoff, but the website for the New York producer’s … read more »

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Stream: Dan Bodan, “Hunger Games” (Prod. by Physical Therapy)

FADER PREMIERE There’s something beautifully windswept and optimistic about Ville Haimalla of Renaissance Man and Physical Therapy’s production on the new single from Berlin crooner Dan Bodan, which is nice because so much of cool, … read more »

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Stream: Physical Therapy, “Rolling on Sunday”

FADER PREMIERE Beloved DJ and producer Physical Therapy has teamed up with Sinden’s label Grizzly for his second proper EP, called whitelabel and out September 9th. The delightfully titled “Rolling on Sunday” is the second … read more »

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Stream: Physical Therapy, “Whitelabel”

New Physical Therapy track “Whitelabel” is almost maniacally brutal, from the maddening ticking sound that kicks off at the beginning to the crazy, scream-like crescendo that it culminates in a couple minutes in. Somewhere between … read more »

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Stream: Great Skin, “Incubate”

Downtempo, underwater party tracks like this one are almost nowhere to be found on the SoundCloud of New York’s Great Skin, aka Steven Phillips-Horst, but the lovely, Debussy-esque piano improvisations on there seem to foreshadow … read more »

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Stream: Physical Therapy, “Dope For Me (Hard Dub)”

Though it creatively mis-hears that timeless line—you were just too damned old for me—from Ready for the World’s “Love You Down,” Physical Therapy’s “Dope For Me” dub is actually more like a brutal remix of … read more »

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NEW MUSEUM Celebrates the 2015 Generational Triennial with the Second Annual Next Generation Party

Live: Teengirl Fantasy at The New Museum

Last Friday on the Bowery, as early as 9 o’clock, a sizeable crowd of well-heeled New Yorkers had already formed in the large, open lobby of the New Museum, festively illuminated in a soft pink. … read more »

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Peepholes, “Pinnacles” + Physical Therapy Remix MP3

Physical Therapy’s Daniel Fisher just sent in a very dreamy-sounding remix he did for Peepholes, a dark synth/drums duo from London that just put out a new full-length called The Overspill. With its commanding, German-accented … read more »

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Stream: Fatherhood, “Eww”

Recently, Physical Therapy’s Daniel Fisher has been hard at work with House of Ladosha’s Michael Magnan on a new side project called Fatherhood, collaborating on “hard clubs tracks” (as Fisher described them to us) and … read more »

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