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Drop Roses across the Floor for Soulja Boy’s Romantic New Track

Soulja Boy has been having one hell of a year, rubbing shoulders with rap royalty and New Atlanta on some of the best cuts of 2014 so far, at the same time as debuting a … read more »

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Soulja Boy Bodied Drake’s “0-100″

In recent years, Soulja Boy has melted his trademark start-stop “Pretty Boy Swag” flow into a woozy, blunted slur. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear him float over the beat of the moment, … read more »

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Tony Hawk Whip My Wrist

Soulja Boy Whipping Wrists Like Tony Hawk

Soulja Boy’s 2014 could not be going any better. Drake graced and remixed “We Made It” into a high school and college graduation anthem, and Soulja’s hook on Nicki Minaj’s “Yasss Bish!!!” might stand as … read more »

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Soulja Boy & Rich the Kid Can’t Leave the Game Alone on “Get Rich”

FADER PREMIERE It’s the age-old adage from your favorite gangster movie. The protagonist has come up further than he ever dreamed: copped the crib, tricked out the whip and cuffed the baddest joint in the … read more »

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Nicki Minaj Says Drag Queens Inspired “Yasss Bish!!!” and Performs It with Soulja Boy

Nicki Minaj has been promoting her new collaborative track “Yasss Bish!!!” with Soulja Boy all weekend long. First the rapper stopped by The Insider to talk about how the song was inspired by Drag Queens: … read more »

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Interview: Soulja Boy Talks Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj & Carter V

“Man, I feel like everybody’s been reaching out to me.” It’s been a peak 2014 for Soulja Boy Dre. Because of his playful style, ever-shifting slang, and endlessly entertaining social media presence, Soulja’s never not … read more »

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Nicki Minaj Announces First Pink Print Single With “Yasss Bish!!”

Three S’s and two exclamation points, Nicki Minaj just dropped another vicious one-off called “Yasss Bish!!,” featuring Soulja Boy on the yasss bish yassses. And: new single, two weeks. And The Pink Print? It’s a … read more »

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Video: Soulja Boy f. Migos, “Make It Work”

Bless Soulja Boy’s heart: he’s got a knack for presciently swooping in for collaboration right before an artist blows up, but for whatever reason, he has a tendency of inevitably fucking things up and irreparably … read more »

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Stream: Jay Electronica f. Jay Z, “We Made It (Remix)”

Well that was fast. Newly-remerged Jay Electronica is back again with another song after quietly dropping “Better in Tune With the Infinite” last weekend. This time the Roc Nation signee teamed up with label head … read more »

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Stream: Drake f. Soulja Boy, “We Made It Freestyle”

Drake’s had a great year, so could you blame him if his New Year’s resolution — My resolution for New Years is niggas, we made it — is more of a declaration than an intention? … read more »

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