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Tuki Carter, “Drop It Boy” (Prod. by AC Slater) MP3

FADER PREMIERE Tuki Carter, the bicoastal (Atlanta via LA) tattoo artist and Taylor Gang affiliate, is gearing up for the release of a new EP entirely produced by LA’s AC Slater called Electric Smoke. Here’s … read more »

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Premiere: AC Slater f. Drop the Lime, “Calm Down Part 3: A New Beginning” MP3

Did AC Slater fall in love or get a massage or something? “Calm Down Part 3″ is the sound of the bassmaster swimming in the most serene waters of dubstep, a crazily textured pulse of … read more »

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Premiere: Mumdance, Different Circles Mixtape

Don’t let the cover’s blunt-huffing kool kat (no Snacks) fool you—Mumdance‘s new mixtape is a radical beast of a thing, and sans tracklist (the beats are apparently so new they can’t be let out the … read more »

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Video: 77Klash, “Asphalt Jungle”

Is this an old Boot Camp Clik video? 77Klash‘s got all the same ’90s Brooklyn elements for his anvil-heavy new dubstep joint: black hoodie, mean mug, ominous atmosphere, some dudes standing behind him, mood lighting, … read more »

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Premiere: 77Klash, “Shadow of Death” MP3

We’ve seen 77Klash traverse a diverse handful of artistic periods: exploring dubstep and digital dancehall with Dutty Artz and Drop the Lime, acting as neonized MC for Major Lazer and toasting at hyperspeed with his … read more »

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AC Slater, “Play the Record Again” MP3

Think of this as both a hot bass banger and a bona fide pisstake, with a sample from an anti-rave stand-up routine by um, Henry Rollins of all people, that is way funnier when inserted … read more »

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