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Korallreven f. Victoria Bergsman, “As Young as Yesterday” MP3

Korallreven and Victoria Bergsman are no strangers to collaboration, but “As Young as Yesterday” might be the most crystalline moment of Swedish-dudes-that-like-rap-and-also-wearing-flowing-white-pants-while-smoking-weed-at-the-beach-and-discussing-pop-music. Those drums! The vocals are an explosion of wistful good vibes and while … read more »

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Pure X “Dry Ice” MP3

In “Dry Ice,” Pure X singer Nate Grace takes his turn at the ol “she’s as cold as ice” trope (She looks at me, who knows what she’s thinking/ That pretty face isn’t letting nothin … read more »

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Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft, “Talk To Me” MP3

Coming to terms with emotions is rough. Just, like, having them, not really what they are on their own necessarily. Remember the last time you got mad? It was probably gnarly. Saw a woman crying … read more »

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Porcelain Raft, "Tip of Your Tongue" Video thumb

Premiere: Porcelain Raft, “Gone Blind (Nowa Huta Remix)” MP3 and “Tip of Your Tongue” Video

After seeing Porcelain Raft multiple times during CMJ, one of our favorite parts about his music ended up being that he’s able to get really dark while still singing in the sweetest, honey coated voice … read more »

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Video: The Truest Whale, “Sail A Whale (In Re Korallreven)” + MP3

The above title may not mean much to you unless you’re obsessed with The Tough Alliance. Fortunately, we are, so this is like Katy Perry remixing Taylor Swift in our world. Korallreven and Sail A … read more »

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Korallreven f. Victoria Bergsman, “Honey Mine” MP3

If this looks familiar it’s because we posted a radio rip a little while ago. Why did we do that? Who knows! No, actually it’s because this song is a jam. Melding everything we like … read more »

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Korallreven, A Dream by Korallreven for Korallreven in Collaboration with Korallreven for Korallreven MP3

Here’s the hardest thing about this mix, which is eminently listenable, breezy, almost effortless. The product of a group of people both connected in real life and connected spiritually, and, if we had to guess, … read more »

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Stream: Korallreven f. Victoria Bergsman, “Honey Mine”

Summer is almost over and we are all prepping to be bummed as hell, chilling in our tiny apartments and staring wistfully at the cold grey sky for months and months and months and months. … read more »

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Korallreven, “The Truest Faith” (CFCF Remix) & “Loved Up” (LOLboys Remix) MP3s

As with most CFCF remixes, he hypnotizes with repetition and then slides graceful beauty in the second we stop paying attention. Basically, he’s good at subtle shifts in mood while keeping a constant dance beat. … read more »

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Korallreven, “The Truest Faith” (Ghostape Remix) MP3 and Video

When we listen to Korallreven‘s music, the first things we imagine are not: mushroom clouds, explosions and building imploding. Maybe horses galloping though. The point is music like this works best when it’s subverting expectations. … read more »