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Beat Construction: The Alchemist

The producer is one of the most crucial yet anonymous figures in all of music. Every other week, with Beat Construction, an extension of our column in the magazine, we aim to illuminate the role … read more »

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Beat Construction: Harry Fraud

Champagne, blunts and patience. With droopy eyes and floppy, shoulder-length hair, Harry Fraud resembles a pound puppy, though he insists he’s not a softie: “I’m a fucking kid from Brooklyn that’ll fuck you up just … read more »

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Download Meyhem Lauren’s Album Respect the Fly Shit

Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren’s Respect the Fly Shit is primed for internet lore: the album was recorded with an overflowing crew—Tommy Mas and Harry Fraud split production, and guest features include Action Bronson, Riff Raff, … read more »

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Watch Action Bronson Do Riff Raff’s “Bird on a Wire” Verse

This weekend, Action Bronson performed in Boston and was not fortunate enough to have Riff Raff accompany him (really everyone should be fortunate enough to always have Riff Raff accompany them). Regardless, he imbibed the … read more »

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Meyhem Lauren f. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano, “Peruvian Desserts” MP3

Some days, it feels like Cappadonna birthed like every new rapper out of New York right now, and that’s in no way a bad thing. Here Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson and (relative) industry veteran Roc … read more »

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Video: Meyhem Lauren f. Heems and Action Bronson (Prod. by Harry Fraud), “Special Effects”

Himanshu Suri directed the video for “Special Effects,” the first clip to go along with Respect the Fly Shit, the album he, Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Tommy Mas, Harry Fraud and friends recorded together in … read more »

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a trak & francis dillon

Video: A-Trak and Dillon Francis, “Money Makin’”

The video for A-Trak and Dillon Francis’ new track, “Money Makin’,” directed by Ben Solomon and Daniel B. Levin, features a broken bodega ATM brought to life. It’s the kindest ATM we’ve ever seen, spreading … read more »

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Musicians You Should Follow on Instagram

Following their billion-dollar takeover by Facebook, it seems like Instagram is all over the place. It’s one of the fastest growing social networks ever, attracting a borderline-obsessive following among its 50 million users. A lot … read more »

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Meyhem Lauren f. Himanshu and Action Bronson, “Special Effects” (Prod. by Harry Fraud) MP3

In March, while everyone else in Austin for SXSW got dehydrated and stood in parking lots, listening to the sound of a lot of bands playing in close proximity to one another, Meyhem Lauren, Himanshu … read more »

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See Zola Jesus, Yuna and Action Bronson at Maryland’s Sweetlife Festival

Festival season is in full swing, and Sweetgreen’s second annual Sweetlife Food & Music Festival is one we simply can’t pass up. This Saturday, Zola Jesus, Kid Cudi, Twin Shadow, Action Bronson, Yuna and Ben … read more »

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