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Gypsy & The Cat, “The Piper’s Song (Aeroplane RMX)” MP3

Gypsy & The Cat are teasing out the early 2011 release of their debut album with their new single, “The Piper’s Song,” a catchy bit of soundtrack rock that you’ll likely hear plenty of soon … read more »

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Aeroplane + Friendly Fires + Flight Facilities, “I Crave Paris” MP3

Talk about an exquisite corpse. 1. Friendly Fires write the song “Paris.” 2. Aeroplane remixes it. 3. Flight Facilities writes the song “Crave.” 4. Aeroplane takes the vocals from that song, puts them over the … read more »

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Aeroplane’s January Mix MP3

Listening to this Aeroplane mix of their favorite tracks of the current month brought on the sudden realization that the last time we wanted to get up to get down this badly, we were four … read more »

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Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)” MP3

Some light research shows the original version of this Au Revoir Simone song appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. The Aeroplane version might fit better on GREY’S ANATOMY PARTY HOUSE 3011 WHERE EVERYONE GETS FUNKY THE SEQUEL. … read more »

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Aeroplane’s October Mix MP3

In a strictly nerd, semi-embarrassing way, a little shudder of joy shook through our thick flesh when we read the words “Maurice Fulton Remix.” The Mu and Syclops chieftain shows up with random abandon, laying … read more »

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Freeload: Aeroplane f. Kathy Diamond, “Whispers”

The FADER staff is on the verge of space-disco season 2008, so we were psyched to get this song directly from Belgian duo Aeroplane, who have been racking up excellent remixes recently for artists we … read more »

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