Footnotes: Akwaaba

Footnotes is the section in our magazine where we take a deeper look at the music surrounding our feature artists. With Benjamin Lebrave’s label, Akwaaba, and his column for TheFADER.com, we don’t have to imagine … read more »

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Personal History: Benjamin Lebrave

For the past four years, Benjamin Lebrave has run Akwaaba, a digital record label that releases a huge amount of diverse African music from across the continent. He started the label in San Francisco, but, … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: RubyGold Brings Substance

Ghana-based Benjamin Lebrave speaks fluent French and English, and can schmooze in Spanish and Portuguese. He’ll report on new African music every other week. This week, he shares RubyGold’s “Feeling Stealer.” Once in a while, … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Lapaz Toyota

It’s been a minute since I wrote about a nice Ghanaian hit. Meanwhile, azonto is taking over, not just in Ghana, but all over the place. If azonto is a word you are still unable … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Votes, Rhymes and Discontent in Senegal

How would you feel if your-85 year-old president modified the constitution in order to seek out a third term? Well in Senegal, the people are furious, and their dissent is fueling a wave of pungent, … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Tanzania’s Hip-Hop Originators

I love African music from the 1970s. From Congolese rumba to Ghanaian highlife, Angolan semba to Malian national orchestras—pretty much anything from anywhere is dope. This might come as a surprise to some, because my … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Swahili Renaissance

Kenya keeps surprising me. The first shock came two and a half years ago when I discovered Just A Band. More recently I linked up with Anto, who in turn pointed me towards a young … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Kuduro is Dead

It pains me to say it, but it appears kuduro is seriously fading out in Angola. It’s so hard to believe. I was there just two years ago, and kuduro was blasting out of every … read more »

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Lung Lungu: Lasting Music and Disposable Love in Kenya

Nairobi is a place I have yet to visit, but already I’m hooked to its bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Just A Band, I follow Sauti Sol on Twitter, I’ve … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Afropolitan or Cultural Bastard?

When the three countries you have ties to refuse to grant you asylum, let alone citizenship, you know you’re in a tough spot. Meet Alec Lomami. Born in Belgium but not eligible for Belgian citizenship, … read more »

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