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Trouble’s Green Light Mixtape

I wouldn’t have been disappointed by another tape like December 17th full of lock-jawed camp anthem from Atlanta rapper Trouble, self-proclaimedopposite of the police. That project fed Trouble’s boiled over core audience, folks who traffic … read more »

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Alley Boy f. Scragg Lee, “Bothering Me” MP3

A completely unaltered Pink Floyd excerpt is the last thing you’d anticipate hearing when clicking on a Hulkshare by noted ATL goon rapper Alley Boy. Their “Dogs” may cut off abruptly but the track that … read more »

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Alley Boy’s The Definition of Fuck Shit 2 Mixtape

Sometimes when we write these blog posts, we try to come up with some witty or funny or snappy headline beyond just the artist’s name and what the thing is. With Alley Boy, there’s no … read more »

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Interview: Alley Boy

This February, after he was dropped from T.I.’s flailing Grand Hustle label, Atlanta rapper Yung L.A. tattooed a large duck on his right cheek. That duck is also the logo of Duct Tape Entertainment, to … read more »

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Video: Trouble’s Asking “Questions,” Here Are the Answers

Here are just a few answers to Trouble‘s many questions: What ever happened to Lil Scrappy? He signed to Ludacris’ DTP imprint where his sophomore album Tha Grustle has sat in limbo for years now. … read more »

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Video: Trouble, “Bussin”

One of our favorite things about Alley Boy, Trouble‘s DTE compatriot, is that he made rap music that was legitimately unnerving. It’s music we could see a modern day Nancy Reagan freaking out about. Trouble … read more »

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How Lex Luger Invented the Rap Video

This isn’t a Lex Luger song. ZMD produced Alley Boy‘s “Low Down,” and it’s a beat all his own. It’s dirty, bass-heavy and angry, even if doesn’t make us feel dirty or angry enough to … read more »

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Alley Boy, “Show Out” MP3

Alley Boy specializes in economy. “Show Out” is under three minutes long, yet dude still manages to squeeze in a whole of words about his tattoos, his chain and shooting up an entire block in … read more »

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Video: Alley Boy, “50 Bars of Poison”

Atlanta may get a little more credit from outsiders these days when it comes to linguistic prowess, but there’s still a hesitance to recognize it as a hub for the most aggressively eloquent rappers on … read more »


Alley Boy, The Definition of Fuck Shit Mixtape

Alley Boy still has a little way to go before he’s able to hold his own over an entire (lengthy) mixtape, but his debut The Definition of Fuck Shit (that name!) is great anyway. It … read more »

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