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Stream: T.I. f. Andre 3000, “Sorry”

When Big Boi released “In the A” yesterday, we noted that T.I. sounded recharged, but, as evidenced by “Sorry” with Andre 3000, it wasn’t a fluke. With a hook sung by Stacy Barthe that goes … read more »

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Frank Ocean Reveals Channel Orange Tracklist

Frank Ocean has revealed the art and tracklist for his major label debut, Channel Orange, out July 17th via Def Jam. Already-released single “Pyramids” sits at the center of the album, which features only three … read more »

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Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange Is Awesome

The reason Frank Ocean is so interesting is not that he’s a great singer (he is) or that he is audacious enough to pen 10+ minute songs (he does), or that he uses his voice … read more »

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Killer Mike: Pain and Champagne

Returning to the roots of Southern rap, Killer Mike found his own extraordinary future. Despite it’s mythology, Stankonia is actually just a big studio in a plain office building on a particularly non-descript stretch of … read more »

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Video: Lil B, “3 Stacks”

After releasing a string of trap videos over the past few weeks, Lil B has returned to heart-melting form with his most motivational track since God’s Father’s “I Love You.” Shot half in a sauna … read more »

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The Andre 3000 Jimi Hendrix Biopic is Actually Happening

According to the Irish Film and Television Network, Andre Benjamin bka Andre 3000 is set to star in the Jimi Hendrix biopic, All is By My Side. There has long been a rumor that this … read more »

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Outkast: Have You Been to Stankonia?

Outkast’s new album is more than a record. It’s a trip, a journey, a transformation, an experience. Are you ready? Finally the sun came up. Outside the morning has a dewy cling that only the … read more »

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Video: Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000, “DoYaThing”

Comics artist and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett directed the video for Damon Albarn, James Murphy and Andre 3000’s collaboration for Converse, “DoYaThing.” It imagines the animated team cohabiting in a ruined, IKEA-furnished flat, with Chuck … read more »

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Andre 3000 Talks Grown-Man Dreams

Andre 3000 talked to GQ about working on solo and collaborative projects as opposed to embarking on any new OutKast material. He intimated that, while he wants to tap back into the spirit of early … read more »

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Gorillaz f. Andre 3000 and James Murphy, “DoYaThing” MP3

Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn got Andre 3000 and James Murphy into a London studio last September to record fast-funk freakout, “DoYaThing” for Converse’s Three Artists, One Song series. 3000 delivers a euphoric, minute-long freestyle, rhyming … read more »

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