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Respect Yourself: RIP Steve Jobs

Duncan Cooper spends a lot of time on the internet. Every month, he pays tribute to the hours spent with original video and audio a short essay. Today he celebrates the life of Steve Jobs, … read more »

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Apple Preparing For Total Musical Domination, Satellite Radio Next Victim

Just a few days after the iTunes variable pricing scale was introduced, Apple rumors are flying again — but this time, they’ve got nothing to do with how much it’ll cost you to download Lady GaGa. The latest buzz surrounds major potential upgrades to the iPhone and iPod touch that could leave satellite radio gasping for its last breath. read more »

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Variable Pricing To Launch On iTunes April 7, Top Tracks Cost $1.29

A while back, when we found out that Apple would finally be removing digitial rights management (DRM) protections from its tracks, we were clearly pretty stoked. But there’s always a catch, and this time it’s a price hike on the most popular iTunes downloads — insiders say the increase to $1.29 will go into effect April 7. read more »

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iTunes Replay Could Allow Users To Stream Music From iTunes To Anywhere

After the recent news that Apple was working out a deal to remove DRM from tracks, we’re excited to jump on the rumor mill for the next big thing to benefit iTunes users — a feature called iTunes Replay could allow users to stream purchased tracks and media to any place they’re logged in. read more »

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Apple Cuts Deal For DRM-Free iTunes Downloads, Finally

Apple is throwing iTunes users a bone, but they might have to pay a little bit more for it. According to top secret insiders, Apple has cut a deal with the three largest music labels that will allow iTunes to offer songs free of copy protection (digital rights management) software — but in exchange, they’ve had to make concessions to the labels about making hit songs a little pricier. read more »