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Sam’s Pop Montreal Diary: Part 1

Last time I came to Pop Montreal it was 2007 and I was five years old. Am I remembering that right? (I am not remembering it right). The point is, a lot has happened in … read more »

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Watch Arcade Fire & Spike Jonze’s Scenes From the Suburbs Short Film

Ah, Monday. Wouldn’t it be nice just to zone out and watch a movie? Even if it is about a war-torn suburban town and adolescent angst, it’d still be better than actually having to think … read more »

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The Weeknd, Arcade Fire Nominated for Polaris Prize

Earlier this year, Arcade Fire won Best Album at the Grammys. That album, The Suburbs, was a number one hit on the Billboard charts, with the band playing major venues like Madison Square Garden and … read more »

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Spike Jonze And Arcade Fire Made A Short Film About The Suburbs

A lot of Arcade Fire‘s great record The Suburbs is about battles. Battles against growing old, kids battling each other based on social circles, moral battles, battles of love. Pretty much any kind of battle … read more »

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Video: Adele Sings “Someone Like You” at the Brit Awards

Last night at the Grammys-of-England, Katy Perry lost International Solo Artist to Rihanna. When those ladies performed at our Grammys on Sunday, they did so inside of baubled and layered costumes, hoisted on swings and/or … read more »

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Grammys Trash Talk: Arcade Fire Change BMXing Forever

General vibe on The Grammys is that they’re kind of divorced from the whole music thing, meaning the people that actually participate and care may actually be more into THE INDUSTRY than THE MUSIC. And … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: January 23, 2011 Edition

** Lil Wayne hopped into the middle of “Roman’s Revenge.” ** We got bummed about Vybz Kartel‘s “new image.” ** We let out an exclusive stream of Cloud Nothings’ debut self titled album. ** Chris … read more »

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The Tripwire: 2011, Everything is the New Everything

J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief for eMusic, told WNYC: “In 2011, expect the line between independent music and big-name, arena-filling acts to become increasingly blurred.” That sounds about right. (Top Three Places We Saw Phoenix With … read more »

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Diplo grammys

Diplowatch 2010 #4: Diplo Did Not Get Nominated For a Grammy This Year

Last year Diplo got nominated for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ favorite Record of the Year. He lost to Alison Kraus and Robert Plant, but looked real good in a gray suit … read more »

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Video: Arcade Fire, “The Suburbs” (dir Spike Jonez)

We’ve gotten so used to watching videos assembled from found footage and old movies that we forgot how compelling the form can be if you spend a lot of time and money. Arcade Fire‘s new … read more »

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