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Accra, Ghana

GEN F: Bola

Volume 7, as the name suggests, is the seventh release from Bola, who, along with a handful of others, has pioneered the fusion of traditional kologo music (the kologo being a two-stringed lute made from … read more »

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Bola, “Abayetidu Ma” MP3

By far one of the most ridiculous conversations ever is to talk to people about desert island records, because if we all really had to pick one album to bring to some dry island in … read more »

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Stream: Bola, “Abayetidu Ma”

Awesome Tapes From Africa, the long-running blog, turned into a record label late last year with the release of Mali’s Na Hawa Doumbia‘s La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3. Awesome Tapes’ second release is due … read more »

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Nâ Hawa Doumbia, “Kungo Sogoni” MP3

Awesome Tapes From Africa started exactly six years ago out of Brian Shimkovitz’ bedroom. He’d recently returned from his second long period of living in Ghana and, a lover of both music and strange shit, … read more »

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The Let Out: Awesome Tapes from Africa + Jason Nocito

On today’s episode of FADER radio aka The Let Out on East Village Radio, we got a mish mash, a hodgepodge, a melting pot: DJ Awesome Tapes from Africa playing awesome tapes from Africa and … read more »

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brian shimkovitz

Explorers Series: Brian Shimkovitz’ Awesome Tapes From Africa

Basically, Brian Shimkovitz loves African music so he loves cassettes. For a long time, the cassette tape has been the popular musical format of African musicians, and on multiple trips around Africa, Shimkovitz amounted a … read more »

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NYC: FADER Bowl with Happy Birthday and Awesome Tapes from Africa

We’re mentally preparing ourselves to let summer go, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be holding onto the gritty pop and sunset tunes that defined it with a death grip from hell. That’s why, for … read more »


Haiku Review: Fool's Gold, Ocote Soul Sounds, Givers, Awesome Tapes From Africa

Fool’s Gold delivers. read more »

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NYC: Soft Circle, Glasser and Awesome Tapes From Africa

Hello New York City, a bunch of our homies are going hard this weekend. Brian who does Awesome Tapes From Africa will be playing music like the Sunny Ade cassette above, alongside DJs from Escort … read more »

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