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Stream Cough Cool’s Album 29

Dan Svizeny’s Cough Cool project sneaks up on you. The songs take on a congealed, half-awake quality that’d be easy to write off as nostalgia, but what Svizeny has done is create an album that … read more »

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Lee Noble, “December” MP3

Last night, Canadian ambient composer Tim Hecker opened up for Sigur Rós at Madison Square Garden. This is not a normal-sized venue for Hecker, but it illustrates the similarities between the heavy drift of his … read more »

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Download Bathetic’s Hits of Past Cassettes Compilation

Bathetic is a label that specializes in worn, ambient, dusty, moody lo-fi. Most of it comes out on cassette, though they release vinyl as well, and all of it feels homemade and honest. Because of … read more »

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Live at Grand Street Bakery: Angel Olsen

This week we had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely singer Angel Olsen for a soothing session at our favorite local vintage shop, Grand Street Bakery. She sat calmly on her amp while performing … read more »

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Angelo Harmsworth, “Foreplay” MP3

Angelo Harmsworth’s last release, Untitled, had this cover that was basically just different shades of orange with what looked like etchings of white sticks on top of it. It felt like it was designed to … read more »

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Stream: Villages, “The Narrows/Growth Rings”

Villages is the project of Ross Gentry, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina and makes gorgeously creaky drones that give way to distant loops that take their time easing in and out of the composition. … read more »

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Freak Scene: William Cody Watson’s Bill Murray LP

It turns out that one thing that white dudes in their late 20s like myself have in common is a deep understanding of Bill Murray. Ghostbusters, and more specifically, Murray’s character in the movie, Peter … read more »

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Stream: Padang Food Tigers’ Album Ready Country Nimbus

Padang Food Tigers have made a set of songs that work as a sort of experience, more than any kind of cohesive statement. Guitars drone loosely over piano, there are field recordings. It’s plaintive and … read more »

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Download Bathetic Records’ Expressway Compilation

When I first moved to New York, I came with just my clothes and a few books. I left all my CDs and records at home. Ripping what I could, figuring anything I left behind … read more »

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Stream: FLIGHT, “Johnny’s Mixed Up” (Screwed Version)

When we heard this screwed down FLIGHT song in the middle of an Actual Pain mix we went on some abstract thing about how it sounded like Swamp Thing pounding on a guitar. Now that … read more »

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