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The Mae Shi – "The Lamb And The Lion"

They’re the ones responsible for one of our favorite videos of 2008, and now L.A. noise rockers The Mae Shi deliver some good old-fashioned animated bloodshed and carnage in the video for “The Lamb And The Lion,” the latest single from their highly acclaimed album HLLLYH. read more »


Bradford Cox Releases New Atlas Sound Virtual 7"

The ever-prolific Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound and Deerhunter releases another installment of his virtual 7″ series. Landing the #2 spot on our Best of 2008 list, The Tripwire welcomes any additional material from Cox’s solo project. read more »

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The Best Of 2008

For the last time, we re-cap our full list of the best records, singles, videos and the biggest news stories of 2008 in one, easy to read list. read more »



Almost ironically, in a year dominated by beard-folk and synth club bands, Portishead returned with a sound as relevant as anyone. A testament to their innovation, longevity and the fact they were already ahead of the curve when they formed almost two decades ago. read more »

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Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

Atlas Sound is Bradford Cox’s individualized catharsis. Irremovable from his art is his physical condition (Marfan Syndrome) and this reality is at the forefront of his work. Recorded at home, Let the Blind is a personal record, one that that challenges criteria for self-worth, and this quality is accentuated by Cox’s knack for letting specific sonic ideas reverberate into something vivid and powering. “I’m waiting to be changed,” he repeats in “Quarantined” as the lyric gains awesome momentum with each reiteration. With seamless flow, the tracks weave into one another finishing with the instrumental title-track – a hazy, alluring backdrop with a continuous arpeggio. At its heart, Let the Blind is a deeply humanist record that refuses conventional social stigmas, repudiates the superficial, and demands truth and meaning from itself and others. –Michael Cranston read more »

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For Emma, Forever Ago

For Emma, Forever Ago is one of the most authentic, original and organic folk albums in recent memory. Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) captured, with staggering perfection, the sound of a cold, isolated winter in Wisconsin. Undeniably, the story of his retreat into solitude has been romanticized to a certain degree, but it is not difficult to hear this landscape in his music. Vernon’s evocative lyricism and minimalist melodies made For Emma feel intimate, even conversational at times (“in the morning I’ll call you”). The album flows with a narrative trajectory and each song tells its own story. From the cathartic yelps of “Skinny Love” to the collected resignations of “Re: Stacks”, Vernon poignantly reflects the universal need for self-reflection. His humility only enhanced the mystique he constantly shrugged off and Bon Iver’s live band incarnation saw every track reaching new heights. For Emma may not be a pioneering effort musically, but the final product is one of extreme integrity and severe beauty. –Michael Cranston read more »

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Best Singles Of 2008, #1 – Pretty Much Any Lil Wayne Song

So I’m taking two night classes right now: the history of African American feminism, and the study of cross-cultural sex and gender. Both of these classes have completely inspired me to think about the way my family, my environment, and my surroundings have shaped me. It’s also instilled this sense of egalitarianism: I want equality, sure, but I also want fairness and compromise to come too. So what the fuck is my problem in me putting Weezy at the top? I am a shining example that yep, occasionally, pop culture prevails. Sometimes I guess I just wanna pretend rap about candy and having a lotta money. As my good friend Wendy puts it, “It’s not your fault you have so many interests.” –JENZ read more »

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Best Videos Of 2008, #1 – Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook"

For every wanna-be hippie band that 2008 produced, no one even came close to the free love on display in the video for Sigur Ros‘ “Gobbledigook”. [Warning: NSFW] read more »

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Biggest News Stories Of 2008, #1 – Those We Lost

With our top choice of biggest news story of 2008, we decided to take this moment to honor those whose lives helped shape the music we know and love today. read more »


Hold On Now, Youngster…

Overly caffeinated enthusiams abounds on Hold On Now, Youngster…, bombarding your eardrums with shout-along chant-tastic choruses, hand claps and a broad range of instrumentation randing from Glockenspiel to violins. Looking back to their previous EP, Sticking Fingers Into Sockets, I described Los Campesinos!‘ sound as if “Bis had babies with Arcade Fire.” That still remains spot on, although I’d add bits of The Go! Team and perhaps even Belle & Sebastian on a ridiculous sugar high. –Chip Adams read more »

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