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Pygmy Shrews – "Shame Canal"

Combining the drummer of Drunkdriver (Jeremy Villalobos) and the avant noise guitar work of Zs (Ben Greenberg) with the bass and vocals of Tia Vincent leaves you with the newest insurgent into the revivalist Brooklyn hardcore scene; Pygmy Shrews. read more »

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Mind The Drift

Whereas Here Comes The Waterworks was the perfect distillation of their live performance energy on tape, Mind the Drift is the sound of a band in flux, confident, yet stumbling around in their new space, not quite sure what to do/make of all the new toys at their disposal. read more »

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Stream Big Business' Entire Upcoming LP Mind The Drift Now

Big Business will unleash their third full-length album into the world next week, but they’re so generous they’re going to let you listen to it now — for free! read more »


Big Business Unveils Mind The Drift Album Details

Los Angeles trio, Big Business has promised a new PR angle soon (by way of new music), but we’re so anxiously awaiting their Hydra Head release Mind The Drift, which comes out in April, that we wanted an update. Unfortunately, they told us the exact same thing as the last time we checked in. Except now we have artwork and a track listing to pass along. read more »

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Big Business Announce Details Of New Album, Release First Single

With a new guitarist in tow and a months spent with producer Phil Ek recording the follow-up to 2007′s Here Come The Waterworks, Big Business is finally pleased to announce the completion of their new full length album, Mind The Drift. Oh, and that they “think it turned out great.” read more »

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