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Oscars Style: 15 Musicians on the Red Carpet

The Oscars Red Carpet is generally a snoozefest, because the pressure to look perfect is so intense that most people just play it safe. But leave it to the many musicians who have rolled through … read more »

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Stream: Bjork, “Virus”

A new track from Bjork’s multimedia extravaganza has gone viral on the interwebs. Appropriately called “Virus,” it’s an extended metaphor discussing love’s likeness to a virus, which needs a host to propagate. It’s at once … read more »

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Video: Bjork, “Crystalline”

Bjork‘s new album Biophilia, due September 27th, is also a multimedia project she created with app developer Scott Snibble and design studio M/M Paris, as narrated by David Attenborough. Singles will be released as programs … read more »

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What Will Bjork and Omar Souleyman’s Album Sound Like?

The kind voices on NPR have spent a lot of time discussing Omar Suleiman in the last month. He’s the man Hosni Mubarak chose to serve as the Vice President of Egypt in January, and … read more »

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Video: Gil Scott-Heron, “New York is Killing Me”

There’s no better way to visually express New York’s oppressive heft than through the turgid monotony of the subway tunnels. How did director Chris Cunningham know this? He is British, but then he’s an artist, … read more »

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Stream: Antony & the Johnsons f. Björk, “Flétta”

Antony let Björk shine on this new jam from his aptly titled Swanlights (we still covet that stuffed animal dress she wore to the Oscars, y’all, Joan Rivers can eat it). “Flétta” unfurls like a … read more »

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Video: E-40 f. Björk, Laroo, The DB’z, Droop-E & B-Slimm, “Spend the Night”

Okay, so there’s no Björk cameo in “Spend the Night,” but you may recall that E-40‘s son Droop-E sampled a bunch of her vocals and she most graciously cleared them. It’s truly unfortunate they didn’t … read more »

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Video: Bjork, “Moomins & the Comet Chase”

If Bjork’s new video is to be believed, the Finnish children’s cartoon “Moomins & the Comet Chase” is about the impending doom of all life after a wayward fireball scorches the earth. We’ve seen another … read more »

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Streaming: Dirty Projectors + Bjork, "All We Are"

Dirty Projectors and Bjork have dropped their Mount Wittenberg EP today, the release’s spectacular cover art just above. It’s a group of songs about whales, inspired by “events” that took place on the titular (also: … read more »

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Stream: Dirty Projectors + Bjork, “All We Are”

Coming from the whale based mindscape of Mount Wittenberg Orca, out today, “All We Are” is pretty weird. But in the same way that every once in a while you find yourself saying “sofa” is … read more »

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