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Video: Bjork, “Moomins & the Comet Chase”

If Bjork’s new video is to be believed, the Finnish children’s cartoon “Moomins & the Comet Chase” is about the impending doom of all life after a wayward fireball scorches the earth. We’ve seen another … read more »

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Streaming: Dirty Projectors + Bjork, "All We Are"

Dirty Projectors and Bjork have dropped their Mount Wittenberg EP today, the release’s spectacular cover art just above. It’s a group of songs about whales, inspired by “events” that took place on the titular (also: … read more »

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Stream: Dirty Projectors + Bjork, “All We Are”

Coming from the whale based mindscape of Mount Wittenberg Orca, out today, “All We Are” is pretty weird. But in the same way that every once in a while you find yourself saying “sofa” is … read more »

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Well, Bjork and The Dirty Projectors Are Collaborating

Not that surprising! We don’t know much, except that it will probably sound beautiful, and that it comes out next week. Watch the video up above! It well tell you basically nothing.

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The Dirty Björk Collaboration is Traipsing Toward Your Hi-Fi, Man

Björk and The Dirty Projectors plan to release an EP comprised of the tracks they played out together last year at New York’s Housing Works, a live collaboration lined up by Stereogum‘s Brandon Stosuy. The … read more »

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E-40, Droop-E and Björk Collaborate and it is Awesome

Björk and the rap industry have crossed paths more than once in the past. Whether it’s working with RZA or taking production from Timbaland—she’s made it pretty clear that she’s open to new shit. Buried … read more »

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QUIRK ALERT: Bjork, Michel Gondry Team Up for 'Undefined' Project

Dust off that swan dress and start playing with Legos again — two of Europe’s most weirdly adorable artists, French director Michel Gondry and Icelandic avant-pop icon Bjork, are getting ready to work together. On … read more »

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Video: Beyonce f. Lady Gaga, “Videophone”

TOO MUCH GOING ON IN THIS VIDEO. First Beyonce is Rihanna complete with bleached-blonde Misfits lock, then she is a robot from a Bjork video, then she’s a Bond girl, Bettie Page, Neneh Cherry/Monie Love … read more »

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Andrew Weatherall, FACT Mix 85 MP3

When we recently chatted with Andrew Weatherall, he told us he based the lyrics for his debut solo album, A Pox on the Pioneers (released today), on noir films and Dashiell Hammett novels, then told … read more »

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Video: Bat For Lashes, “Sleep Alone”

Every single video from FADER #59 cover star Bat For Lashes‘ latest album has topped the last for awesome creativity—it’s like the modern version of the old Michel Gondry/Björk collabos, each work like a journey … read more »

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