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Notes From Middle America – Black Gasoline

I have to ask. What happened to rock? Has it become passé or uncool for a band to struggle, tour, play shows night after night to build a fan base without the help of excessive internet buzz or douche bags in the “hip” magazines who supposedly have their fingers on the pulse of the American youth culture? If a band has to work hard to get what they have, is that far less important than the mandatory polo shirts they wear on stage? read more »

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Thank You For Your Patience

Like their neighbors in D.C., Richmond is a capital city with a crime rate as high as its median income is low. It’s a city just Southern enough to rankle politically correct Northerners, but such ‘old world’ sensibilities are juxtaposed against the fact that the fairer-complected old guard is very much a minority. Both groups have embraced the epochal “give me liberty or give me death” proclamation that rang through the city so many years previously, displaying an uneasy tendency towards the latter in recent years. While Richmond is hardly the Gaza Strip, it breeds a tension in the city that you can feel in bands like Mouthbreather. read more »

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Will Metallica’s Induction Into The Rock Hall Of Fame Open Doors For Other Metal Acts?

Metallica‘s inclusion, though absolutely deserving in every conceivable way, poses a wider question to my ever curious mind: Will the inclusion of now two “metal” acts, (Black Sabbath being the other) clear the way for other metal and proto-metal acts? read more »

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Only The Hardcore Need Apply: Book To Document Black Flag Tattoos

If ever there was a reason not to regret getting that impromptu sleeve tattoo dedicated to hardcore punk band Black Flag, now is the time. That tat just might make you famous. read more »


Flashback Friday Video – Rollins Band "Liar"

It’s not like he needs the work, but with the news of Henry Rollins losing his radio gig this week, we decided to pay tribute to his former-but-not-as-good-as-Black-Flag-band. read more »

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We watched a lot of Dirty Projectors videos lately and it made us think about appropriation. The last thing we’re ever invested in is any made up notion of authenticity, and they’ve shredded and mushed … read more »

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