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Notes From Middle America – Black Gasoline

I have to ask. What happened to rock? Has it become passé or uncool for a band to struggle, tour, play shows night after night to build a fan base without the help of excessive internet buzz or douche bags in the “hip” magazines who supposedly have their fingers on the pulse of the American youth culture? If a band has to work hard to get what they have, is that far less important than the mandatory polo shirts they wear on stage? read more »

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announces New Album

Seems like a lot of bands from the late 90s neo-psychedelic scene are announcing new albums of late. One of the bands at the forefront of that movement was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who, on the heels of the online exclusive release of The Effects Of 333, have just entered the studio to start recording their fifth studio album. read more »


The Warlocks Announce New Album

For five albums, The Warlocks have lived between and beyond the minutes and hours of time. Coming out of the late 90s neo-psychedelic scene that helped produce bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks records play like soundtracks to fuzz-freaked, bacchanalian stomps, pre-dawn city prowls, sleeping late with new crushes, and the elation and exhaustion that washes in and recede deep into the wee hours. Which is why we’re excited to tell you they’ve announced a new LP, due out on May 19. read more »

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