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Stream: Blackbird Blackbird, “New Leaf”

You can easily imagine Blackbird Blackbird’s “New Leaf” as a sort of side-scrolling game, if the song’s splashes of broken glass and uppercut snares and recurring power-up melodies don’t make the comparison too obvious. So … read more »

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Video: Blackbird Blackbird, “Pure”

“Pure” already had a music video. Directed by Samuel Pressman and very tightly edited by Isaac Bauman, it’s pretty, like the song, quick and cascading cuts. But this rework, by Eli Stonberg, is maybe more … read more »

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sun glitters

Download: Sun Glitters’ Everything Could Be Remodelled and That’s Fine EP

Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters has been a healthy presence in a certain part of the internet lately. Maybe as a function of working constantly with like-minded bliss-centric electronic artists, or by having a perfectly sound-explanatory name, … read more »

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Blackbird Blackbird, “She’s Got Evrythng” MP3

Blackbird Blackbird don’t usually sound like this, not exactly. It’s the least “San Francisco” song they’ve produced, like they could still wear sunglasses to perform, but their outfits would have to be all black. Their … read more »

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Porcelain Raft, "Tip of Your Tongue" Video thumb

Premiere: Porcelain Raft, “Gone Blind (Nowa Huta Remix)” MP3 and “Tip of Your Tongue” Video

After seeing Porcelain Raft multiple times during CMJ, one of our favorite parts about his music ended up being that he’s able to get really dark while still singing in the sweetest, honey coated voice … read more »

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