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GEN F: Blake Mills Is America’s Greatest Young Guitarist, and Even More

A peerless guitarist spills his guts From the magazine: ISSUE 90, Feb/March 2014 Blake Mills mostly sat. His collaborator, Fiona Apple, bounced on one foot and bowed her legs throughout their performance in New York … read more »

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Stream: Blake Mills, “I Hope” (Bobby Charles Cover)

FADER PREMIERE Blake Mills, the criminally slept-on California singer/songwriter and session guitarist whose 2014 sophomore album is easily my most-anticipated, sort of misread the prompt for his contribution to Sweetheart, a new compilation billed as … read more »

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Coming Attractions: 13 Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2014

FADER Editors on 2014′s coming attractions There’s a big year ahead, and we’re really only just beginning to settle in to it. But here, as we prepare for what the weather people warn will be … read more »

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