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Video: Blaqstarr, “Feel It in the Air”

FADER PREMIERE My favorite thing Mad Decent ever did was also one of the first things they ever did: release Blaqstarr’s Supastarr EP, in 2007. The Baltimore producer’s “Feel It in the Air” had entered … read more »

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Blaqstarr’s Blaqstarr the Mixtape

When we spoke to Blaqstarr two months ago, we could swear he said this was going to be a Baltimore Club mixtape. It’s not, and it’s hard to say what is. The self-titled mixtape features … read more »

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Videos: Blaqstarr, “Never Hesitant” + “Turning Out” + “Ride Remix” MP3

Captured our hearts with the K-Swift intro, RIP :-(. The aesthetic of this video is super YouTube, crazy pixel glows and green-screen artifacts left and right, but laptop speakers are not the place for Blaqstarr. … read more »

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Interview: Blaqstarr Spaces Out

Blaqstarr’s Divine EP came out last week, a strange and sexed up Galactic Quest that channels slurred AutoTune as much as the future-club drum breaks he is usually known for. Since releasing his last EP … read more »

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Video: Blaqstarr, “Rider Girl”

For the video for “Rider Girl,” a kind and jilted “She Lives In My Lap“-type paean, Maya‘s boy Blaqstarr took it down a notch to lover-burn, stacked his hair in a pyramid and cut up … read more »

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Video: Blaqstarr, “Pressure”

Wow, Blaqstarr‘s clearly somewhere near MIA‘s paranoid brainspace—this video puts the viewer in spy position, peeping in on dude spooning his homegirl as though watching from a closed circuit television. Which begs the question—what percentage … read more »

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Blaqstarr f. MIA, “Lemme Hump You” MP3

This is the best found-footage video we’ve seen yet: find a bunch of free porn on the internet, have someone animate it so it’s safe for all ages (cough, sort of), slap a song called … read more »

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Stream: M.I.A., “XXXO” MP3 and Check Out This Insane Blog Page

Can’t tell what we’re more excited about: the fact that M.I.A. made a deconstructionist mall-pop jam (which sounds more like Sleigh Bells‘ Derek Miller was on beats than actual producers Blaqstarr and Rusko), or the … read more »

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Video: Blaqstarr, “Oh My Darling”

We’d heard a couple years ago that Blaqstarr really wanted to stop DJing so that he could focus on his career as an artist. Until then, his electrocized Baltimore club music had been mainly production … read more »

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Video: Blaqstarr, "Oh My Darling"

Blaqstarr is officially the life of the party. He’s kind of always been the go-to guy at the helm of Baltimore’s dance scene, but more as a DJ and producer. When he gets on the … read more »

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