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13 Throwback Photos of Artists in Their Childhood Halloween Costumes

In anticipation of Halloween tomorrow, we’ve already dug up the best horror movie clips and carved Miley pumpkins. Today, we’re celebrating with a crew of FADER favorites, who shared throwback photos of their favorite in-costume … read more »

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Video: Bleached, “Love Spells”

FADER PREMIERE Bleached sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, who made an adorable cheerleader and witch pair back in the day, pay tribute to campy genre flicks in their Halloween-celebrating, sepia-and-velvet video for “Love Spells,” a … read more »

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Stream Bleached’s Album Ride Your Heart

Bleached write the kind of love songs that make you want to pack up and move to California. It’s probably because of the balmy bass lines, or their impossibly bright guitar hooks, or the way … read more »

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February 09, 2013-189

NYFW: Girl Talk at Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

For the latest Opening Ceremony collection designed by actress and NYC style icon Chloe Sevigny, a run of the mill runway just simply would not do. Instead, Sevigny and the OC crew staged a 1960s … read more »

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Stream: Bleached, “Next Stop”

If you’re making music that could ostensibly be called garage rock, it kinda feels like there’s a ceiling, and that ceiling keeps the tempo steady, the genre quick and dirty, and smuggles in heavy emotions … read more »

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Download FADER + vitaminwater’s Winter Mixxxtape

To celebrate this year’s Winter X Games, FADER and vitaminwater got together to create our Winter Mixxxtape, a mix worthy of blasting through your headphones in the snow. Mixed by Nick Catchdubs, these ten tracks … read more »

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Video: Bleached, “Searching Through the Past”

As if being the guitar-and-drum-playing sonic embodiment of everything we already like about the West Coast wasn’t enough, director Molly Schiot catches the Bleached sisters on a horse ride through some insane California mountains with … read more »

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GEN F: Bleached

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are cooler than you. “I have a really bad problem where, like, I shouldn’t be skateboarding anymore,” Jessie says. “I broke an ankle, I cracked my head open, but once I … read more »

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The FADER #77 Podcast

Over nearly 45 minutes—that’s like 50% more jams than usual!—we explore the depths of this year’s NOW issue with a lovingly mixed audio accompaniment. The podcast showcases our favorite tracks from cover stars Future and … read more »

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Interview: Bleached at The FADER FORT by FIAT NYC

Bleached are the coolest. Two punk rock California sisters jamming riffs with a little bit of sass. What more can you ask for? They played at The FADER FORT by FIAT and we grabbed them … read more »

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