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Who’ll be the Next Raf Simons?

The annual The Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography opened April 29th in France and will run throughout the month of May. In addition to exhibiting photographers and designers that are well regarded in … read more »

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Fader TV: Shop Talk at Project No. 8

Since we discovered Project No. 8 in Chinatown a couple of years ago, it’s been a frequent stop on our New York shopping route. The place houses a ton of cult designers including Martin Margiela … read more »

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On The Street: The Man Jumpsuit In Action

So no, we were definitely not JK-ing about onesies for men, even though the odds—reality versus fashion fantasy—were kind of slim. And while we’ve documented tons of ladies popping their playsuit collars, waltzing around in … read more »

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