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Video: Nosaj Thing, “Eclipse/Blue”

Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue” features vocals by Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino. It’s the first single from his upcoming album Home, which feels like an important name. 2009′s Drift found him bottling a thick LA sound into … read more »

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Stream: Nosaj Thing f. Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, “Eclipse/Blue”

It’s been about three years since LA producer Nosaj Thing released his debut LP, Drift, and in the time it’s taken to write new material, he seems to have developed a taste for having an … read more »

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Stream: Four Tet, “Moma”

On the heels of his Live at the South Bank collaboration with Mats Gustafsson and the late Steve Reid, as featured in FADER #77, fan of working together, Four Tet, is preparing to release “Moma,” … read more »

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Pantha Du Prince, Salem and Games Remix Songs from Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle

New York’s Blonde Redhead just released a bundle of otherworldly remixes from their 2010 Penny Sparkle, courtesy of bands like Games (RIP that name), Pantha Du Prince and Salem, whom all put a unique spin … read more »

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Blonde Redhead, “My Plants Are Dead (Games Remix)” MP3

Listening to Blonde Redhead is weird. Not because the music is weird—it really isn’t. But because they achieve something so simple and composed and impossible to duplicate. Games—aka Dan Lopatin and Joel Ford—probably also figured … read more »

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Blonde Redhead 4AD session

Video: Blonde Redhead, “Love Or Prison” 4AD Session

We saw Blonde Redhead this week at Webster Hall in New York for the first of the band’s two-night stand, and, as usual, the perfection of their live show was borderline confusing. When musicians are … read more »

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Blonde Redhead, “Here Sometimes” (Pantha du Prince Remix) MP3

The appeal of Blonde Redhead for us has always been that on the surface their music seems icily detached and too cool for school, but the more time you spend with it the more warm … read more »

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Stream: Blonde Redhead’s New Album Penny Sparkle

Somber and stoic. Not the same Blonde Redhead that Steve Shelley yanked from New York City in the ’90s. You could smash a guitar to their first few albums, but their later releases have been … read more »

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Win Tickets to a Special Blonde Redhead Performance in NYC

On Tuesday, the very great Blonde Redhead will be playing their album in full at Tribeca’s 92Y. Just to be clear, they will be playing a CD copy of the album over the PA…But then … read more »

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Blonde Redhead, “Here Sometimes” MP3

Last week we caught one of the members of Blonde Redhead wandering around the Pantha Du Prince show at Santos post NBA finals. Pantha is a one man electronic project, heavy on bells and emotion. … read more »

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