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Video: Blondes, “Elise”

A couple weeks ago, pretty much out of the blue, Brooklyn electronic duo Blondes dropped the entirety of their excellent Swisher LP on YouTube. Now, they’ve isolated the album’s epic, Kosmiche-inspired closer, “Elise,” and set … read more »

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Stream Blondes’ Swisher LP

Brooklyn’s Blondes pulled something of a fast one on their fans this morning, announcing the digital release of their masterfully controlled new double album, Swisher, with no prior warning. I’ve always admired the analog house … read more »

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Live: Arca, Gatekeeper and Shams at Night Spa

I’m pretty used to New York being the kind of place where, if you can think up a novelty party concept, it’s probably already been done, but I must admit that I didn’t know what … read more »

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Video: Blondes, “Amber”

This video has my name on it. Literally and figuratively. I can zone out pretty well and good just gazing at a prism in a sunny window (or a shady one, actually). But Blondes have … read more »

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john roberts

Stream: Blondes, “Business” (John Roberts Remix)

New York electronic darlings Blondes get a remix by John Roberts, the producer whose George Fitzgerald remix was one of our favorites of last year. This rework is not dissimilar to that in spirit, a … read more »

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Live: Blondes at MoMA

We sent our buddies Weird Days over to MoMa’s PopRally to film NY synth duo Blondes perform in a lazer-lit museum hall filled with beautiful people dancing and clapping. They played two of our favorites … read more »

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Blondes, “Wine” MP3

We’ve seen the video (which, if you missed, you can see again, below), we’ve heard the Teengirl Fantasy remix, and now Brooklyn’s Blondes are giving it to us straight. “Wine” is all around high-register dance … read more »

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Stream: Blondes, “Wine (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)”

Brooklyn electronic duo Blondes are finally releasing their first album February 7th on

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Video: Blondes, “Wine”

The thing that Blondes do amazingly well is make dance music that is perpetually euphoric. They aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but like any great musicians, they understand the genre they’re working within. They understand … read more »

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NYC: Harald Grosskopf, Alan Howarth, Emeralds Live at Le Poisson Rouge Friday

Something really special is taking place this Friday at Le Poisson Rouge as part of this years’ Unsound Festival. Harald Grosskopf, the German synth wizard and brains behind the 1980 Synthesist reissue from local synth-loving … read more »

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